Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Ode to the Days of Teens!

A Mocktail celestial, a chaotic upswing,
Youth tumbles forth, hark! the season is Spring,
waving past landmarks, of infinite fancy,
to the Carols pleasant, of untamed lunacy.

Waves of Discoveries go past, unknown erstwhile,
The World's an Oyster -Ah! the Spirit puerile,
Dreams are speck of dust, catch 'em young lest they fly,
Dust and dreams and the Tides within- none can defy.

Arise, the petals, unleash the marching song,
in steps so bold, in raging heart, O so young!
in intense red, in the mellow of the golden sun,
Swinging with Life- A teasing Eclipse on the run.


And when i turn back, it looks so beautiful.

A span of two years completes today- two years of My Blogging.
Two years of enriching experience - beautiful, unparalleled.

The journey that began with the White Window, has been through many vistas, all glorious, blessed and close to the heart.

Today my White Window stands tall and mighty amid the sparkling backdrop of some of the most beautiful gems of the Bloggerville, with its soul-rendered write-ups and scribes and a Heart of it's OWN!!

The deck is ready, the flashlights are ON!! Please usher in to the celebration of two honey-dewed years of My White Window in the bedecked horizon of your love, support and appreciation.

On this occasion on my blog's 2nd birth anniversary I would like to express a token of gratitude to each one of you who have been so special in this journey of my "White Window" with me.


P.S: A very happy b'day to my Divvu's "A Rubix Cube". Divvu dear whether you blog or not, yours will always remain one of my favourite blogs. After all White Window and Rubix Cube are married to each other na and today they celebrate their 1st happy marriage anniversary also. :D

P.P.S: The total number of posts on my white window stands 69 :P

Image courtesy : A gift from a special friend Still Thinking.


  1. So cute about Rubix Cube :P
    Happy birthday.. to both of them :D
    Beautiful poem, sweets and the picture too :)

  2. @ INDRAJIT - Thanks :)

    @LENA- Thank you sweetheart :)

  3. Splendid lines! And, congratulations! Keep writing!!!

  4. @AJEY - Thanks a lot :)

    @Priya- Thanks :)

  5. Congrats preeti dear :)...those lines were really awesome :)...and congrats to divya also :)...

    the pic was so apt ...

    all the best and keep writing as ever :)..


  6. beautiful poem... as always!!
    i have no doubt u r among the best poets i read on bloggersville!! :)

    Congrats and keep writing...
    more and more and ...


  7. Happy Birthday White window!!!
    Preeti, I just realised that my blog completed its 2nd bday 5days back!
    And i didnt post about it!

    Its ok, ill post on my birthday :P

    I loved the poem.. Hope you keep blogging and complete a 100 soon!

  8. "Dreams are speck of dust, catch 'em young lest they fly, Dust and dreams and the tide within- nine can defy" ..... just superb lines....loved the poem...nodoubt u are one of the best...keep walking!!!

  9. U r the best. N none can ever outshine you. This is the truth n nothing but the whole truth.


  10. mmwaahh!! tweenu...may you always sparkle with sunshine..
    ur simply the best tweenu..and no words can describe the sea of talent which is hidden in you..
    and to complement it u have a crystal heart..always ready to help others..
    may god bless you sweetheart!
    love you loads!!

  11. Phal khayega ley, Phal... Taaj taaja Phal... le Kha... Auppp!!!

    tela dosht Bhaitukiim... ehhheheeeee

  12. hey Di, happy two years of blogging! many more years to come too... sixty nine posts of unmatched beauty! thats what your white window is! :)

    Happy anniversary to ur Window and Chechu's Rubix Cube too.. She remains a favorite of mine too! The awesome foursome that is the Dumbi Sisters! :)

  13. Great poetry as always sweetheart:)
    Congrats! Keep writing dear! Love u>:D<

  14. @hemz- thanks a lot hemu dear :)

    @ mehreen- thanks dearie :)

    @ankur- m honored ankur. :D as d comment is coming from u so i believe it :p hehehe :D . thanks a lot :)

    @harini- aww congrats to ur "happy go lucky" harini dear. thanks for such a nice comment n yes i am glad. :)

    @anorak- me too love those lines infact they are my fav in this poem. thanks for the appreciation. and ye you to r one of the best poets tho i hv doubt on me :p

    @swati= awww meri tweenu. tu inni cute kyu hai re. tujhe to main thanks na bolungi. I LOVE YOU :)

    @ vinu- thanks onu dear :)

    @akanksha- glad u liked it dearie. ur comments always uplifts me up. thank u dear. hugs :)

  15. @anonymous- yes i am. and so i will always remain. but i will keep on outshining me with each new day :p

    thnk u :p

    @ bhaitukim jr.= LOL. :P

  16. HI Preetilata,

    Congratulations ..urs is a good blog and i always liked reading ur poems..they are just magic of words and feelings...

    Hope to see many more posts with u ..and happy B;day to ur frnd's as well..:)


  17. congratulations..superb poetry you have on your blog :)

  18. May you have many more such anniversary!!


  19. Happy birthday and happy anniversary dear! :) Huggggggsss.

  20. beautiful...nd a very happpppppyyy b dayyyy... !!!
    n happpy anni bhii....

    hey where's d party??
    hope m invited...

  21. awesum "ode to days the teens"...
    congratulation for 2 years of blogging,keep the white window wide open-forever!!
    god bless you.

  22. @PRAMODA- oh! prams! how so very sweet of you to say that. :) i always like reading your blog too. thanks a lot for your love, support and encouragement. :)

    @ANI_ASET- thanks a lot ani. :)

    @MEENA- thanks a lot. *HUGS* :)

    @SOPHIA- Thanks a lot my dear. *HUGS* :)

    @KAUSHIKI- oh! m so glad dear. thanks a lot. party was in this post only. :p and yup sweets u r always invited here anytime. :) *hugs*

    @QUITUDE N - a very warm welcome to my blog. glad that u liked it. thanks a lot for ur appreciation and wishes. and ye my window is gonna be wide-open always. :)
    god bless u too. hope to c u again. :)

  23. happy b'day to ur bloggie...
    n ya to rubix cube too
    lovely ode to bth of them...
    n yah..
    wen's the wedding anniversary?? :P:P
    i know am exceptionallyyyyyyyy late...

    well thnx to google reader :P
    It spectacularly :P


    so, your site is already two years old?

    am back dear and thanks for your good wishes to me...

    i missed you here!


  25. Happy Birthday :D

    I see I am not too late :D

    the ode is awesome :) ithink a two year old would really appreciate the applause :D

  26. HI Preetilata,

    Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


  27. that was so sweet! brought back memories!!! infact.. i must say.. it was rather inspiring!

  28. hey congrats/// i forgot.. whens ma blog's happy wala budday ..

  29. :)
    i love ur poetry!!!!

    and congrats :)...


plz.. open d white window :)