Monday, December 14, 2009


Today is one of those days when I want to write but do not know what to. It’s not same as other days when I want to write but could not or I could write but I do not. It doesn’t make me sad to realize that I am unable to pen down my thoughts. My mind is shooting millions of thoughts with zillion times of speed that too at one go. And it’s crazy to try to catch them all up. Needless to say I am failing every time. Miserably. But I am proceeding to my next catch with mouthful of giggles accompanied by stars in my eyes. And that’s what matter. It reflects in my eyes. Can’t say when was the last time I looked this much beautiful. These days I shine in happiness. The glow is visible. The people around me too are getting enwrapped in my glow. That’s the best part about being genuinely happy. The positive vibes are so strong and effective that they spread around and wrap everything up so beautifully that you feel like being a child once again who chases butterfly even amid concrete walls. The four walls of your room transcend to a field of sunflowers and the roof above becomes your sky where resides a sun who dances to your every whistle. As far as you can see, you see butterflies. You see colours. You see LIFE.

No I don’t have a job yet. And I do not know when I will have one. Yet I am HAPPY.

When in LOVE you see formation of eight colours even in the core of BLACK.