Monday, December 14, 2009


Today is one of those days when I want to write but do not know what to. It’s not same as other days when I want to write but could not or I could write but I do not. It doesn’t make me sad to realize that I am unable to pen down my thoughts. My mind is shooting millions of thoughts with zillion times of speed that too at one go. And it’s crazy to try to catch them all up. Needless to say I am failing every time. Miserably. But I am proceeding to my next catch with mouthful of giggles accompanied by stars in my eyes. And that’s what matter. It reflects in my eyes. Can’t say when was the last time I looked this much beautiful. These days I shine in happiness. The glow is visible. The people around me too are getting enwrapped in my glow. That’s the best part about being genuinely happy. The positive vibes are so strong and effective that they spread around and wrap everything up so beautifully that you feel like being a child once again who chases butterfly even amid concrete walls. The four walls of your room transcend to a field of sunflowers and the roof above becomes your sky where resides a sun who dances to your every whistle. As far as you can see, you see butterflies. You see colours. You see LIFE.

No I don’t have a job yet. And I do not know when I will have one. Yet I am HAPPY.

When in LOVE you see formation of eight colours even in the core of BLACK.


  1. errrr ..... :P

    aisa hota hai kya love mein :P

    hehehe ...

    isi liye sochooo ki mujhe dekh log goggles kiun pehen rahe hai :P

    main bhi glowing glowing na :P

  2. stay happy forever...

    lotsa love n wishes..

  3. **The positive vibes are so strong and effective that they spread around and wrap everything up so beautifully that you feel like being a child once again who chases butterfly even amid concrete walls.

    well welll said..:)

    dont worry.. a job always doesnt mean the same.. do what u have at the moment and enjoy it.. tomorrow is always far..:)

    nice pic fact innovative..:)

  4. :)...keep smiling and happy always...

    well when in love...u dont see any color actually...only the reflection of ur loved one everywhere..:)...


  5. as far as you are happy, its great... writing will come to you sooner or later :-)

  6. i am so happy for you for trying to pen your thoughts dear...i've missed you and hope this is the start of being back for a new lease on your blogging life and spirit!

    and i am happy to note that you are now one happy creature and soul...:)

    positive vibes, seeing beautiful colours around, chasing butterflies, though imaginary!

    missed you Preety!

    P.S. and i like the new look of your template, that girl in the window? i feel something in me, that when i was a kid, i did something like that...deja vu!


  7. Preeti, you in love?
    Woohoo!! Who's the lucky guy?? Me wants to know who :P

    im finally back to blogging girl.... and im married now :D doesnt that sound crazy? lol!!

    i wish you all the best mwaah!!!

  8. thats must be good, to be happy without reasons

  9. Dropped in to wish you for New Year .... and boy oh boy!!!

    i think i am glowing a bit reading what u have written! Preetilata!!!!!

    *sooper tight hugs* just smily so happy for u!!! touchwood and amen!

    this is the singlemost GLOWING post i have read in a long long while anywhere!

    am on a break since long.. (damn office) but had to wish u!!

    HAPPY 2010 !!!! and all the best in everything u do! :D hugs and muahs!!!

  10. ooyyee leee...some is loving being in love...:D
    *nazar na lage*
    this post had nothing but everything..:)
    simply n beautifully expressed..
    and you are so right..when in love you see butterflies,you see see LIFE :)
    love u tweenuu :)
    mmuaahh :)

  11. Thats such a positive post dear! Loved it!

    Happy New Year sweety! Stay Happy!

  12. heyy..droping fr the very first tyme at yr space..and on reading this...i culd see so much of positivity thre.that i wish ur positiv vibes mite b radiated to us..rlly, nicely penned thoughts..liked it..u hav a wonderful blog..:)

  13. very nice post...
    my best wishes...your happiness is contagious: I am happy for you :)

  14. Nice blog! :) I love the template :D
    I'm following you now :)

  15. Hi kemon aacho..shomai thaakle isho amar blog e

  16. Hey!! Great post..would like to come again on your blog.

  17. Hi! Thats so sweet of you:).I miss the blog world too but hardly have much time-I have shifted base actually..Will tell you all about it soon...probably next to next week when I have holidays. I promise I will be back...
    miss you too sweets

    I love the photo-its awesome and I love the look of your blog as well:)

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