Monday, March 16, 2009

ME-The Cutie :P

~Yams awarded me a ‘cute blogger’,
And tagged me to write why I am cute,
With my cute reasons, so here I go,
Also in the way, i tag some of you.~

1. Some close friends of mine call me Teddy.

2. I feel like kissing my cheeks. :P

3. Someday I want to beat a squirrel in 100 m race. ;)

4. I believe that there is an eighth color to the rainbow and that's where i belong to.

5. I fantasize my life somewhere over the rainbow with Tintin as my grand dad and Kuttush(Snowy) my best friend.

6. As a kid I once believed in the rumor that there would be snowfall in Delhi.

7. My handwriting as per others is not good but I find it to be beautiful :P

8. I want to adopt a baby girl one day. I have even decided her name.

9. I am the last one normally to leave the Cineplex and whenever I stumble upon a packet of popcorn lying on one of the seats, I pick it up and hand it over to one of the street urchins roaming outside. (what was a lavish waste for someone becomes possibly a 'one square meal of abundance' for some :)

10. Cutie pie yams awarded me with this "cute blogger award". It further proves that i am cute.


Yamini dear, you are a sweetheart and by appreciating me you always inspire me to do better since the time you have entered my life. No, i wont say you "thank you" and i know that you know the reason for it. i really appreciate, respect and love you girl. you are a creative genius. :)


Now i would love to pass on the award to: Lena, Sameera, Divya, Indr, Mithe, Anil, Akanksha, Muzer, Arnab, Meera :)