Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute Nothing

As I close my eyes, I feel you there-
Wrapped in the blanket of darkness.
A thousand light-years away from me 
I see you kissing the meteors.
O you! how does it feel to be the king
Of all those sand and stones?
How does it feel to tame the Dark,
Planets- known and unknown?

I stay here, with my buried desires 
Deep Inside my shackled heart. 
Sharing bed I feel insane
With the corpses of my dreams.
I flutter and flutter with my clipped wings
Till eternity laughs at me.
A broken mirror is what I am
Dead, Demised and Nothing.


Its really hard for me to compose anything these days and may be that's why the quality is not upto the mark this time. :(

I wrote this poem with 'nothing' particular on my mind but after re-reading it, I realized that there is a broader meaning attached to it, which is somewhat universal in nature. So friends, definitely I am interested and curious to know the meanings you have infered from the poem.

Go ahead and jot them all down. :)