Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Blues and the Clouds Beckon

"Badal pe paon hain,
Ya jhootha gaon hain,
Ab to hain chal padi,
Apni ye nao hain!!!"

I am already flying. Even before my flight takes off, literally.. I am on cloud infinity and even beyond!

As a part of my college trip, I will be flying past the seas, the mountains, and the vastness to Dubai in a day's time. Gosh! Since the day I graced my heart with this news, I wondered, 'is it for real, really!'

Don't ask me how thrilled I am. I am really, really incomprehensibly excited to fly past the tapestry of my imaginations and step in to the real... Dubai beckons.. A dream beckons... possibilities.... excitement... !!!

To add to the bewilderment, I have been adviced, coaxed, warned and even threatened with extreme consequences from my kins and siblings to bring certain items from Dubai and the list only accumulates with every passing day. I myself, bought a Sony Digi Cam, to surrender myself to the ministrations of shooting bug to the unseen, oodles of bounty that Dubai beckons for.

As i hear from the 1st batch the fun they had there, I simply can't wait and the excitement is soaring up every minute. The sea shores, the desert safaris, the luxurious swish locales...... the clock is ticking... ticking..... :)

So, friends, wish me Bon Voyage, Bon Appetite for my journey.

Meanwhile, you be good. Peace!


ps: the pic was taken by my li'l brother from my brand new sony cybershot. :)