Sunday, June 21, 2009


Spreading the wings of Divine aura
Ubiquitously beckons uber beauty.
Naval of the universe with fire unfurled
River of life flows relentlessly.
Indeterminate radiance brightens the Within
Sparkling the soul as a Glorified Mystic.
Ends the dark abyss, the Helios' Touch


P.S: My first ever acrostic poem is inspired from the beautiful picture of 'Sunrise' above, clicked by Sourish- the Day Dreamer at Assi Ghat-Banaras. I so fell in love with this pic instantly that I shamelessly asked it from him as my b'day gift. The sweetheart he is, he immediately gifted it to me with all its claims and authorities. So, legally this pic is mine now :p but the sweetest-heart that I am, I give all the credits to him. :)

This poem is my small token of love dedicated to u, sourish! :)

P.P.S: I am so sorry for not blogging as well as reading all your blogs regularly. still stuck up with lots of works.