Friday, September 4, 2009

Utopia ~

Lost in the woods of tranced milieu
I search thou not o dear soul
Wandering amidst the parched stream
Thou seem to me a worn out stone,
The songs thy lips once sang to me
Were cherubic enough to soak me in,
(Now)I find them nothing more than leaves
Dried enough to crumble in jiffy,
Lost in the woods I lose myself
Again and again with the wind insane,
Far from thy and far from me
The yellow wild flower
Seems purely alive.


~Come'n guys, again it's time to pour down your interpretations about the poem.

~I know, I know, it's been so long since I am missing from all your blogs. Well it's not that i haven't visited your blogs at all but I am more of a silent reader all this time. Blame it on my tight schedule as well as on my poor net connection. I hope to be regular in sometime soon.

~ I feel so proud to tell you all that the new template was made by none other than 'Yours Truly'. And I just love this complete new look of my blog. I feel so fresh and happy :)

~ The above pic is designed by my brother Avinab.