Monday, December 27, 2010

This Christmas I realized

IamAdmired.IamAdored.IamLoved.IamBlessed ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I got Wings. I got a Halo ♥

Friday, December 3, 2010

Uddam Unmadon'ra... Bhalo Theko!

Mutinous me
Mystique land
Magical bridge.

Dancing, swaying
Jumping high
Soul follows a
Timeless travel.

Moments Fused
Feelings Mused
Closed eyes
I,lost in wild.

Wilderness of peace
Peaceful reach
Reaching highway
In the middle of night.

Entwined souls
Tangled twine
In blissful pain, borns
A virgin poetry.

~Unbounded frenzies.... Stay Good!~

***Photograph used is the original work of the Blog Author.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~Don't threaten me with Love, baby. Let's just go walking in the Rain.~

There is something about rain you know. Something so inexpressible. How come these li’l rain drops when they fall on my window glass leave behind a trail of different stories to linger on for time unknown? Each it's own. Told and untold. Subsequently they join and unjoin and at last fall down forming a pool of some mysterious saga waiting to be unearthed. Pressing my warm body deep against this moist window, I for once again break the equilibrium of peace and mystery that was co-residing in each of these pools when detached from the border of the window pane. Softly enough I annihilate all such mystery pools. How come! They can hold so many emotions in them? Each a world in itself? Anyways!

I look through the window. Towards the other side. So very different from this side of the world. My world. It’s good that there is this glass between you and me. With so much of ease you have crystallized yourself with that other world. Fast and furious. Bright and shinning. I for that matter could never keep my pace up with the world out there. I stumbled every time. All the time. But every time I fell you were there to hold me on. I still feel I can fall again and again even if it means I have to bruise my knees, only if you are there to hold me in your arms. Those kisses, I tell you, were magical.

Baby! Why does rain have to have an element of gloom in it? When the fact is that when it rains my love for you grows manifold! Rain nourishes the earth. And Love is earthy. May be that’s why I enjoy watching the rainfall from this side of the window more. I wonder! What if I can’t hold it back anymore? After all it’s reciprocal. I know you would come running towards me shattering the glass barrier in between.

For one last time, I press myself harder against the glass barrier as if it will give me the warmth of you. Silly, no? Yes! You are right there. Those eyes! Ah! Those twinkling eyes! I know I can always locate them even if you are lost in a crowd. For me you are such an entity... a world in itself of which I was a part. Perhaps still.

Even amid separation we stay close. Could I ask for more?


But wait! Listen! Do you still have that scrap paper safely tucked in somewhere? I vaguely remember those lines by someone unknown, ‘when we pray to God we must be seeking nothing. Nothing.’

***Photograph used is the original work of the Blog Author.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I so feel like crashing down on your bare chest-
Your hands on my bare back-
A Linen that
Failed to cover us.
Nothing but the light of our eyes.
Breathes. Heartbeats.

Every thing in Silence.
Everything in Dark.

Baby, I allow you to light a cigarette. For the aura of smoke and the light it would add.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't apply your head, it might not make any sense. Rather try your ♥

Do I need reasons to be happy?

Do I need occasions to celebrate?

I have bountiful of reasons known and unknown no matter how silly or important they are, to rejoice.

"Happiness needs no reason but I have it and it’s called You. "

I wish everybody around has that one You always with them who magically turns every mundane moment into a celebration.


Dear Readers,

The YOU that is yours and the YOU that is mine are totally distinct. Please don’t get confused. I am utterly possessive about my YOU…So stay away.

Simply Me

PPS: I do not want this day to pass by without updating my blog. Now 9.11.10 can simply go into the lap of night and can sleep forever without any tussel.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Silly Updates!

~ It feels good to be on wheels when the whole world sleeps. ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sharod Subechcha!!!

Ok! so I have nothing much to write!!

This year the month of October is lucky for me. Maa Durga blessed me with a better job. But the irony is, this is the only year i didn't go out to attend the puja ceremony. We Bengali's wait for Durga Puja the whole year. Shopping and preparations know no bounds. But my special pack of five days filled with fun and frolic and off course devotion were spent in office and then at home. Nobody back home was ready to accompany me to the puja pandals. What worse was that my handful of friends with whom I can be me are no more near me. Bayzid has moved back to his homeland long back without leaving behind a single message for me. It still hurts as we were so very close to each other. The reasons behind why he did so are better known to him. I have a faint idea of it but still they don't measure up to for leaving without any note. Anyways no issues as everybody moves on and so did he. May God bless him always. :)

This year Unnayan is in Canada and Shankha... he is very much here but could not meet him too. Goirick and Sagorika are enjoying the autumn of Durga pooja in the lap of their home town in beautiful North East.
Yeah! yeah! I have handful of close friends and needless to say most of them are guys.

This year I missed every single thing associated with Durga pooja. Those endless shopping, which saree to wear during ashtami poojo anjali, excitement to catch up with old friends, bumping into one of them amidst the rush of unknown people, had to say hi as I couldn't avoid you situations, khichuri aar payesh, endless addas and photo clicking, habijabi ja icche tai khawa..... the list is endless.

Dhak-sheuli-dhunuchi-aaroti-poojo-proshad-anando-utshov... i missed everything. Damn I am upset. :(

Pree stop! it's too much of whinning. Don't you know asche bochor abar hobe :D

So all you lovely people out there, Bijoya Doshomi'r preeti o subeccha to you all. May all the Ravans in your life burn today. :)

Signing off for now leaving behind one of the most beautiful videos that celebrates the essence of divinity called Durga Pooja. Hope you would love to watch this beautiful creation by Rajesh Chakraborty.

Love and Carez

image courtesy: a friend of mine :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Uncomplicate!

He is still a boy. My cute li'l-innocently-naughty kiddo who paints my life with laughter and happiness. There are moments when he makes me cry too but even in those moments, so effortless he is in mixing colours to my salty tear drops that my already colourful life starts basking in the glory of joy.

My man refuses to grow up :p

Errrrr!!! Sowwyyy!!!

My boy refuses to grow up. :)

Life is so much worthwhile when you have that someone special around who so effortlessly says “Come! Sweetheart! Let’s uncomplicate life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

! ♥ ツ

Image by Yours Truly-Preetilata

It was so silly of me to think all these years that he will weave me a world of thousand stars whenever I will be in his arms; soft enough to transcend me to an all together different world of love so pure and at the same time strong enough to protect me from every evil eyes.

Yes! I am in love. Period. I am in love with a man who didn’t weave me a world of stars but of love only. Love that blossoms in the essence of reality. Whenever he holds me in those soft and strong arms of him; it is so gentle- the touch and yet it creates a massive turmoil of love and passion inside my heart that it becomes so difficult to remain the one I am. I become the one whom I was searching aimlessly everywhere possible. I can feel that I am falling head over heels in love with this man and can bet that there can’t exist anyone better than him in this world for me. I feel “me” with “him”... I find “me” in “him”.

You are so much far away that ‘missing you’ pang has to hit me hard every five minutes. It feels great to be in love honey but the pain is enormous when I miss you and I guess I am getting addicted not only to your love but to this inflicting pain also. The whole day I just wait for the night to fall down on me. I know that star is waiting for me exactly at that same place where you have left it for me. It glows with your love and in return I radiate from its warmth.

Probably you would never know how beautiful the moment was when you asked me to go to my balcony and to search for that one brightest star. But that small piece of sky with only one star in it has become the very essence of my life. It gives me gives me hope... it gives me the warmth of you. It tells me strongly that no matter where I am; you are never very far away from me. In a nutshell my life is in the safe enclosure of yours and I am happy in there.

You tell me that it was too fast and I say you again that whatever has happened was not there in our hands. Love just happens and it happened to us too. I don’t know where our destiny will take us but I know that I am in love and I am in love with YOU. Now I don’t dream of a world weaved with stars anymore but of a home with you. The same home that I have seen while joining the lines of your right hand with my left one.

~Written on 29-Mar'10 while feeling utterly romantic. or was i utterly emotional? A concoction of both would fit in better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A cuppa coffee with my soul.....b'cos I felt like updating my White Window!!

What is it that makes a life?
A little love, a lot many strife.
The golden rays soaking your heart,
Life –an inevitable sunset that does depart.

We swim with the tide, we sink even,
We rock in it’s cradle, emotions laden.
A kiss of spring- Life ushers in,
Life grays the world in miseries’ reign.

O! the sweetest of flower unmindful-
An acrid tinge of glum peeps not far,
A Journey littered with woes and joy,
A stillborn might only murmur the ploy.

~Any interpretations for the last line???


A cuppa coffee with my soul

Well on the personal front life is good. The professional one got submerged in neck deep work. Exaggerating? Yes, I am. J Got shifted from one role to another. Hopefully I will enjoy this one, at least a bit. Not expecting much in terms of satisfaction. Finally, I have realized that I still have to walk a long way before I get something of my interest. It’s just the start and slowly enough I am getting the hang of it. Unlike before, not at all cranky and irritated and sad and angry and short tempered and..., in short no more a cry baby for past lot many days. But this does not snatch my attention away from the many issues that troubling us in office. Yes I am lucky to have people around me who are always there to hold all my pieces together. I need not name them because I know that you know that yes it is you whom I am talking about.

Rain. I swear I can never describe my love for rain in mere mortal words. This time I have the opportunity to connect to rain closely. Yes it drenched me completely while I was on my way to office and then back home regularly for few days. It did not rain today. And sitting inside such an office where you can’t see what’s happening around, where it hardly matters whether it’s raining or not, I miss rain.

One and half weeks back, the hands of fever clutched me, the first time I got drenched in rain, giving me the opportunity to be in the comforts of my sweet home which otherwise doesn’t seem much sweet. Afterwards whenever I am under rain, I always pray to catch fever. Not because I want to be in the comforts of home but because I do not want to go to office. But I love watching and playing with the trails that the rain water leaves against the glass window of my cab. The wide DND toll road, the Yamuna over flowing beside, the greenery around, the cool-soothing breeze, the twinkling street-lights and the glittering vehicles and their sparkling reflections on the river ; everything has an intoxicating effect on me. But then Yamuna has crossed the danger level and the danger of flood is lurking around Delhi. O, I haven’t still bought that rainbow umbrella which I promised someone. I swear I will by the time monsoon comes to a sad end.

Today morning, in lunch, mom packed fried rice (not the Chinese one. Bhat bhaja. It’s something every Bengali mom prepares whenever they run out of time or vegetables or both) and daal pakodas. But it did not have the chance to enter the premises of my office as Varsha finished every bit of it on our way to office. And guess what nobody from my team brought proper lunch so me and Sumona had to settle down for one aaloo ka parantha which the canteen wala gave to us after lot of consumption of our precious lunch time as he says was confused. Initially we ordered four then it changed to three then to 2 then to 0. At last there was one parantha on our table which hurriedly went inside the empty stomachs of four hungry people.

It’s 4:07 pm now. Just got a call from Varsha. So while going back we will have something from MacD’s. I guess by now our order has been placed. So it’s going to be a small cab party while going back home. Yesterday, it was pasta at Evergreen’s. After around 1 year I was there and more than the yummy pasta I was gulping down nostalgia as was missing my college friend Prakriti. Thoughts of PR made me miss Aditi and Adu lead me to miss our so very grand Dubai tour. Green Park, it made me miss Divya too. Sigh. Memories! Sometimes they haunt and sometimes they make us smile. Yes they make us cry too. In my case it was all at the same time.

You know what! It’s 4:20 PM now and would you believe if I say I started writing this in the morning! All my reporting managers are hovering around making it so difficult to write. Moreover don’t know how many times the power went off. Back-up system is not working today. Had to write-rewrite so many things so many times. And in the whole process so many thoughts got lost in time and so many new ones did creep in. After eons I am writing like this, filling and spilling my cup of thoughts over and over again all around. Untamed and unchained thoughts. Running, falling, swinging. Shouting and laughing out loud. In simple words they want to break free. Actually it’s I who wants to break free. Towards a similar kind of land where someone famous wrote Solitary Reaper.

Hello! Are you still there? If you have made it this far then I must say you have got incredible quantity of quality patience in you and I would be immensely happy to know you. Please write your name in the comment box and no cheating ok! If you have come this far then don’t forget to go back to where the poem ends and interpret the last line. Thanks. J

I still don’t want to stop. Seems that I am on a writing spree and I am enjoying it so much. But I guess I have to put a full stop to it right here as the part-timers are here and very soon I may have to lend them my system. I might continue some other day from the point I am leaving now.

Love and carez.

Update after hitting the publish button. God! the satisfaction you get and the happiness you feel after updating your blog that too with such a long post when there is lots of work around and all your reporting managers are roaming and eying you, is indescribably awesome and amazing and electrifying and.. blah!!! Out of the world to be precise. Or is it top of the world? Whatever... J

Friday, July 2, 2010

O! baby! don't you know!

"Not only do we compliment each other, we complete each other too."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You have asked me to write a poem. But i am left with no words.

Can you read the silence inscribed on the paper? Believe me it's audible.

How i wish, silence was sometimes not only audible but visible too. it would have saved so many of us of so many things.

Today is a day... which has taken me far far away.

No looking back as there is none waiting for me.

Yes! now i can say that i am far from the maddening crowd.

No! it's not a bliss. it's rather suicidal.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

তুমি রবে নিরবে , হ্রিদয়ে মম... তুমি রবে নিরবে ।।

Friday, May 28, 2010

the way you speak.. your early morning voice.. ahh.. that magical sound of your sexy and husky voice.. when you are yet to get up from your bed.. makes me all so mushy mushy and romantic. This very moment, there is an instant urge in me to run straight to u.. hug u.. cuddle u and sleep like a baby in the enclosure of ur arms till the day drips completely into the lap of a sexy evening. I wont mind a kiss or two at all though :p

Ahhh!!! well i am sinking deep in the magical bliss of this super magical feeling. Just want to frame this moment forever!

True! Love gives you wings to fly!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Praying for the Dawn~


about what to do.

Something is very dreadful about this night, for it has deprived me of sleep once again.

With nobody around to talk to, one more time I have returned to you My White Window. But I don't know what kind of solace do I get by staring at your color which is no more white.

I have always hated black templates, for they hurt this pair of insomniac eyes.

Monday, May 3, 2010


... and yet again night falls on me dragging the satin of star studded dreams.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Words elude me.

. . . and whenever this realization dawns upon me,

I cry.

I give it the name of pure *mood swing*. i know i lie.

Sadly enough,

my tear drops never elude me, no matter how hard I try


Friday, April 2, 2010

For you my Khushi~

Let the Zephyr caress you in a sylvan gait,

Through the slivers of your heart o li’l mermaid.

From lullabies to Sonatas to umpteenth Ode,

O Zephyr, caress her too with songs of abode.

Fondle her with a gentle kiss, Ruffle past her heart.

Spell out the memories golden whilst thee depart.

Paint a smile fonder than ever for her morrows,

Before faraway you run, Melt all my mermaid’s sorrows.


Sunday, February 7, 2010






The bigger part of my heart still wants you to be with me. It still wants you to peep in my life and pop in my thoughts.

I miss the way I used to carve you on pages.

Like this speck of light, I want you to come to me once more.

My Words: I MISS YOU!!!