Friday, April 2, 2010

For you my Khushi~

Let the Zephyr caress you in a sylvan gait,

Through the slivers of your heart o li’l mermaid.

From lullabies to Sonatas to umpteenth Ode,

O Zephyr, caress her too with songs of abode.

Fondle her with a gentle kiss, Ruffle past her heart.

Spell out the memories golden whilst thee depart.

Paint a smile fonder than ever for her morrows,

Before faraway you run, Melt all my mermaid’s sorrows.



  1. nice ode for someone who has been so close to you.
    sorry bout today was totally in a different mood.sorry

  2. very cute ,till the end,including the pic !!
    Bhalo Theko

  3. AWWWWW!!! I loved every word! and the pic!

  4. cutest...nice...sweet..!!

    hello dear..welcome are you doing??? Its been ages that i read you....I mean you were also not that frequent as you used to be earlier..Missed you yaar..!!!

    Welcome Back..!!!

  5. hiii.. welcome back..:)..u hav posted after many daysssss..any wayss its a nice come back..

    loved the lines...:) keep writing...

  6. EXCELLENT... th tribute fits as much 2 Khushi as it fits 4 th Poetess. kp writing n do well. godbless. BK junior..

  7. Hey Preety dear;

    How are you...?

    You're back with such a lovely poem, with an archaic touch! The real poetess!

    That picture...the lovely dog, is that yours? You love pets?

    Please stay for good!

    Miss yah dear!!! ^.^

  8. Thats soooooooooooo sweeet! And very very cute pic! :)
    This one is just "WOW" u r really too good at poetry!

  9. AWWW so sweet
    p.S this just reminded me of how much i miss my dogs:)

  10. it makes a smile on my face...nicely penned preety :)..


  11. Wow! why did I ever stop blogging?
    Wonderfully worded by a genius with words!It came straight from your heart and stuck a chord in mine! Hey girlie...srry abt not replying back sooner. Can you add me on facebook? I will try to find you and then we can be in touch more often:) Will post a blog about my disappearance soon...

  12. aww... she is such a cutie :-).

    And the poem is so sweet :-)


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