Friday, May 28, 2010

the way you speak.. your early morning voice.. ahh.. that magical sound of your sexy and husky voice.. when you are yet to get up from your bed.. makes me all so mushy mushy and romantic. This very moment, there is an instant urge in me to run straight to u.. hug u.. cuddle u and sleep like a baby in the enclosure of ur arms till the day drips completely into the lap of a sexy evening. I wont mind a kiss or two at all though :p

Ahhh!!! well i am sinking deep in the magical bliss of this super magical feeling. Just want to frame this moment forever!

True! Love gives you wings to fly!


  1. rooomanticcccc :)....aha mr romantic did u see this..:D...

    so nicely penned truly is flying around here :)..

    P.S: i saw a ad redbull gives wings :P..just kiddin..


  2. Woww..Preeti.. This is so much felt.. I have felt the same too though couldnt do that cuddling part till evening, Ive tried holding on to my hubby till early afternoon.

    So hru doing????

  3. Okayyy.. U have been drowned.. Fire Force!!! come help this gal.. :d



  4. Love does give that extra bounce.

  5. aww.. its good to see you happy :-). I can relate to the "early mornings" :)

  6. How romantic it is my dear...:) I could even picture myself in such a situation..;)

    Enjoy those beautiful mornings with the sound of a husky voice...;)

    Have a nice weekend dear!

  7. Uhmmmmm uhmmmm Someone is going all mushy and romantic!;-)

    Love sure does make you fly! Amazing post, loved the small small details:)

  8. woww...woww.w...ahhhh...what post with utmost love that u have for ur sweet heart.. loved it ..:)

    My best wishes,

  9. Whoa!who is the lucky guy by the way? But endearingly romantic composition....

  10. bullshit. th post sucks n so dos u.

  11. The last line was simply awesome!

    So romantic and giggling write up preeti :)


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