Saturday, June 5, 2010

তুমি রবে নিরবে , হ্রিদয়ে মম... তুমি রবে নিরবে ।।


  1. Translation?
    I wanna read it , dear:)

    Anyways, I know it is good as always:)

  2. translating it would be tough dear. and it's not written by me but by some poet whose name i dont know.

    let m try.. " once separated whr will we meet next?
    where will i find u again?
    i know, in the sky of my memories.
    just like d way one finds flowers used in worships inside some book, i will find out ur memories kept inside the pages of my dream filled eyes. dried and withered by the slaps of time but safe and intact."

    Thanks a lot dear :)

  3. could not understand my dear...anyways, how are you...?

    always sad?

    cheer up!


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