Thursday, August 26, 2010

A cuppa coffee with my soul.....b'cos I felt like updating my White Window!!

What is it that makes a life?
A little love, a lot many strife.
The golden rays soaking your heart,
Life –an inevitable sunset that does depart.

We swim with the tide, we sink even,
We rock in it’s cradle, emotions laden.
A kiss of spring- Life ushers in,
Life grays the world in miseries’ reign.

O! the sweetest of flower unmindful-
An acrid tinge of glum peeps not far,
A Journey littered with woes and joy,
A stillborn might only murmur the ploy.

~Any interpretations for the last line???


A cuppa coffee with my soul

Well on the personal front life is good. The professional one got submerged in neck deep work. Exaggerating? Yes, I am. J Got shifted from one role to another. Hopefully I will enjoy this one, at least a bit. Not expecting much in terms of satisfaction. Finally, I have realized that I still have to walk a long way before I get something of my interest. It’s just the start and slowly enough I am getting the hang of it. Unlike before, not at all cranky and irritated and sad and angry and short tempered and..., in short no more a cry baby for past lot many days. But this does not snatch my attention away from the many issues that troubling us in office. Yes I am lucky to have people around me who are always there to hold all my pieces together. I need not name them because I know that you know that yes it is you whom I am talking about.

Rain. I swear I can never describe my love for rain in mere mortal words. This time I have the opportunity to connect to rain closely. Yes it drenched me completely while I was on my way to office and then back home regularly for few days. It did not rain today. And sitting inside such an office where you can’t see what’s happening around, where it hardly matters whether it’s raining or not, I miss rain.

One and half weeks back, the hands of fever clutched me, the first time I got drenched in rain, giving me the opportunity to be in the comforts of my sweet home which otherwise doesn’t seem much sweet. Afterwards whenever I am under rain, I always pray to catch fever. Not because I want to be in the comforts of home but because I do not want to go to office. But I love watching and playing with the trails that the rain water leaves against the glass window of my cab. The wide DND toll road, the Yamuna over flowing beside, the greenery around, the cool-soothing breeze, the twinkling street-lights and the glittering vehicles and their sparkling reflections on the river ; everything has an intoxicating effect on me. But then Yamuna has crossed the danger level and the danger of flood is lurking around Delhi. O, I haven’t still bought that rainbow umbrella which I promised someone. I swear I will by the time monsoon comes to a sad end.

Today morning, in lunch, mom packed fried rice (not the Chinese one. Bhat bhaja. It’s something every Bengali mom prepares whenever they run out of time or vegetables or both) and daal pakodas. But it did not have the chance to enter the premises of my office as Varsha finished every bit of it on our way to office. And guess what nobody from my team brought proper lunch so me and Sumona had to settle down for one aaloo ka parantha which the canteen wala gave to us after lot of consumption of our precious lunch time as he says was confused. Initially we ordered four then it changed to three then to 2 then to 0. At last there was one parantha on our table which hurriedly went inside the empty stomachs of four hungry people.

It’s 4:07 pm now. Just got a call from Varsha. So while going back we will have something from MacD’s. I guess by now our order has been placed. So it’s going to be a small cab party while going back home. Yesterday, it was pasta at Evergreen’s. After around 1 year I was there and more than the yummy pasta I was gulping down nostalgia as was missing my college friend Prakriti. Thoughts of PR made me miss Aditi and Adu lead me to miss our so very grand Dubai tour. Green Park, it made me miss Divya too. Sigh. Memories! Sometimes they haunt and sometimes they make us smile. Yes they make us cry too. In my case it was all at the same time.

You know what! It’s 4:20 PM now and would you believe if I say I started writing this in the morning! All my reporting managers are hovering around making it so difficult to write. Moreover don’t know how many times the power went off. Back-up system is not working today. Had to write-rewrite so many things so many times. And in the whole process so many thoughts got lost in time and so many new ones did creep in. After eons I am writing like this, filling and spilling my cup of thoughts over and over again all around. Untamed and unchained thoughts. Running, falling, swinging. Shouting and laughing out loud. In simple words they want to break free. Actually it’s I who wants to break free. Towards a similar kind of land where someone famous wrote Solitary Reaper.

Hello! Are you still there? If you have made it this far then I must say you have got incredible quantity of quality patience in you and I would be immensely happy to know you. Please write your name in the comment box and no cheating ok! If you have come this far then don’t forget to go back to where the poem ends and interpret the last line. Thanks. J

I still don’t want to stop. Seems that I am on a writing spree and I am enjoying it so much. But I guess I have to put a full stop to it right here as the part-timers are here and very soon I may have to lend them my system. I might continue some other day from the point I am leaving now.

Love and carez.

Update after hitting the publish button. God! the satisfaction you get and the happiness you feel after updating your blog that too with such a long post when there is lots of work around and all your reporting managers are roaming and eying you, is indescribably awesome and amazing and electrifying and.. blah!!! Out of the world to be precise. Or is it top of the world? Whatever... J


  1. What an amzing poetry!!!!

    Loved the post! I have never-ever blogged from office. And you have completely inspired me to do the opposite now!

    We can catch up sometime..My office is also in Noida:)

    Although not blogging these days, i am hoping to be back soon


  2. nice to see a post from you after such a long, long time :)

  3. Welcome back...Happiness lingering in every word you wrote on your return to blogosphere !!
    Bhalo Theko


  4. excellent poetry . you wrote it? job !
    but very nice post .hope you write more .INTEPRETATIONS:......u know me i will write and then u will faint, so better keep it for next time darling.I Love You.

  5. Nice poetry. I know how you felt after clicking the publish button. It feels great.
    Updated my blog.:)

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  7. @Akanksha: thank you so much chotu baby. :)

    yaar do blog sometime from office not in ur free time but amidst loads of work and ur managers hovering around. the high u wud get is surely going to be the best kind of. try kar ke dekh.u r inspired na.. now update ASAP. by the way i know u hv updated smtym bck with infosys post. bad girl u deleted it.

    and ya we will surely cath up very soon. will talk to u about it soon. let me knw wenz ur off.

    much love :)

  8. @ Sidra... yeah girl it was nice for me too. Thank you :)

    @CU...YUP CU.. coz i am genuinely happy for no such reasons at all. kamon accho? and yes thank you. :)

    @Sleeping Beauty... who wrote it? i donno. :( who do u think did write it? di u cant escape interpreting it just by giving any silly reasons :p coz the thing is i want to faint as never in my life i hv faited tho i so wanted to badly when i was in school.. :p but darling di thanks a lotttttt. love u tooo.

    @Jaggu.... Thank you :)

  9. i open the white window to see a beautiful and lovely poem..

    and preetz dear u never stop surprising me with those wonderful words of urs :)..


  10. preeti you write really well..your words create a maze in my mind :) and hey what is"tomar jonno" all about? i am a bengali so first went n checked it out...revive it na!!

  11. Hi Hemz..

    Thanks a lot buddy. you never fail to make me it with your SMSs or your comments.

    Take care. :)

  12. Hi Sulagna,

    It's so nice to see you here. :) Thank you so much for coming here and for the appreciation. it meant a lot as m writing after a long hiatus.

    "Tomar Jonno" is just a blog where i test my newly designed templates. i named it so as i created it to test the template i designed for my darling beloved. :D Dekhbe tumi?

    Nice to have you here and hope for your continues visit.

    Take care oopss Bhalo Theko :)

  13. woo hoo ho ho what a long post... doing it from work?? ... like me? ;)

    Preeti, do you remember me? :) I'm back to blogging hunz! (@ the perfect line)

  14. Love the poem, thanks for the comment you left in my blog.

  15. Hi Preety dear,

    This is so beautiful a poem...a wonderful comebacking poem! Please stay for good...We missed you at blogville! In spite of a busy working life, de-stress by blogging, it helps. That's what I do! And I assure you, it really helps.

    Problems abound, that's true!Even in work where we spend a lot of time, but it will pass or rather we will get used to it!

    And being drenched in rain..whoaaa...i would love that!!! Let's get drenched always!:)))

    Re: cross-stitch designs, I will be sending you soon, just mail me your office or home address so I can send you ASAP! MY designs are mostly on nature, hopefully you'll love them! I will give you a couple or more...:)))
    Sorry, I overslept last Saturday! I was not able to comment though I already read this awesome post of yours!

    I wish to see more of you my dear!

    Hugs and LOve,


  16. kisi be poora padha ..wo apna hath uthaye.. lol..

    *raises hands*

    kuch samjh aya madam k rambling k siwa.. wo hath uthaye...

    *hides hand inside the pocket*

    at least tune update toh kiya...

    you know how hard it is for me.. par phir bhi keh de rha hoon

    Love you..

  17. Interesting poem! It’s a nice update on life and the one related to rain was beautiful. Its nature, we always miss many thoughts when recalling back to the not same mood.

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plz.. open d white window :)