Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Image by Yours Truly-Preetilata

It was so silly of me to think all these years that he will weave me a world of thousand stars whenever I will be in his arms; soft enough to transcend me to an all together different world of love so pure and at the same time strong enough to protect me from every evil eyes.

Yes! I am in love. Period. I am in love with a man who didn’t weave me a world of stars but of love only. Love that blossoms in the essence of reality. Whenever he holds me in those soft and strong arms of him; it is so gentle- the touch and yet it creates a massive turmoil of love and passion inside my heart that it becomes so difficult to remain the one I am. I become the one whom I was searching aimlessly everywhere possible. I can feel that I am falling head over heels in love with this man and can bet that there can’t exist anyone better than him in this world for me. I feel “me” with “him”... I find “me” in “him”.

You are so much far away that ‘missing you’ pang has to hit me hard every five minutes. It feels great to be in love honey but the pain is enormous when I miss you and I guess I am getting addicted not only to your love but to this inflicting pain also. The whole day I just wait for the night to fall down on me. I know that star is waiting for me exactly at that same place where you have left it for me. It glows with your love and in return I radiate from its warmth.

Probably you would never know how beautiful the moment was when you asked me to go to my balcony and to search for that one brightest star. But that small piece of sky with only one star in it has become the very essence of my life. It gives me strength...it gives me hope... it gives me the warmth of you. It tells me strongly that no matter where I am; you are never very far away from me. In a nutshell my life is in the safe enclosure of yours and I am happy in there.

You tell me that it was too fast and I say you again that whatever has happened was not there in our hands. Love just happens and it happened to us too. I don’t know where our destiny will take us but I know that I am in love and I am in love with YOU. Now I don’t dream of a world weaved with stars anymore but of a home with you. The same home that I have seen while joining the lines of your right hand with my left one.

~Written on 29-Mar'10 while feeling utterly romantic. or was i utterly emotional? A concoction of both would fit in better.


  1. nostalgia...

    reading an old post is like opening a bag of surprises :)

  2. Very nicely written bringing out the intense emotion and passionate love for someone.

  3. In a word to say, it is awesome!

    It’s an enormous inscription on love and emotion.

    I wish you met your dream boy soon, girl! :)

  4. What an amzing post sweets! You are truly, madly, deeeply in love!!!:)
    I can't stop smiling!!!!!!!

    Love ya

  5. ah Love - it makes us do so many crazy things :-)

  6. I am so happy to note that my dear Preety is,was, or will continue to be so in love!

    Being in love makes us more of a poet and writer, so c'mon, join us always in this blogworld and let your love be an inspiration to create masterpieces which you can share to us your dear readers!

    HUgs dear! :)

  7. @Arv.. i agree mate. but this is not an old post. this is an old write up :)


    @KP..Welcome here. thanks for the appreciation.

    @Jeevan.. Thanks :) glad you liked it.

    @Ajey.. Thank you :)

  8. @Akanksha.. righto you are babeh! and yes yes never stop smiling. am glad to be a reason for you lovely and lively smile. Thanks a lot.

    love you too.

    @Raaji.. it does. it does. and i am doing. :) Thank you. :)

    @Amity... so my dear sis, yours truly blushes after reading you comment. hehehe thanks a lot for your love and appreciation. see i am blogging again may not be like before but then i am and it makes me happy.

    Always continue to be around me. love :)

  9. oh gosh, Romantic!!!! :D

    it made a wonderful read Preetilata!
    well expressed.

    Touchwood for the home u see, for you both.


  10. a piece of stupidity enmeshed from airheads.

  11. Hi Sweet,

    Hru doing? A romantic post from u is really a pleasure to read :)

  12. man :O

    MAN kisko kaha bey :O

    sounds so buddha... boy likhna tha na :O ...lol


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