Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sharod Subechcha!!!

Ok! so I have nothing much to write!!

This year the month of October is lucky for me. Maa Durga blessed me with a better job. But the irony is, this is the only year i didn't go out to attend the puja ceremony. We Bengali's wait for Durga Puja the whole year. Shopping and preparations know no bounds. But my special pack of five days filled with fun and frolic and off course devotion were spent in office and then at home. Nobody back home was ready to accompany me to the puja pandals. What worse was that my handful of friends with whom I can be me are no more near me. Bayzid has moved back to his homeland long back without leaving behind a single message for me. It still hurts as we were so very close to each other. The reasons behind why he did so are better known to him. I have a faint idea of it but still they don't measure up to for leaving without any note. Anyways no issues as everybody moves on and so did he. May God bless him always. :)

This year Unnayan is in Canada and Shankha... he is very much here but could not meet him too. Goirick and Sagorika are enjoying the autumn of Durga pooja in the lap of their home town in beautiful North East.
Yeah! yeah! I have handful of close friends and needless to say most of them are guys.

This year I missed every single thing associated with Durga pooja. Those endless shopping, which saree to wear during ashtami poojo anjali, excitement to catch up with old friends, bumping into one of them amidst the rush of unknown people, had to say hi as I couldn't avoid you situations, khichuri aar payesh, endless addas and photo clicking, habijabi ja icche tai khawa..... the list is endless.

Dhak-sheuli-dhunuchi-aaroti-poojo-proshad-anando-utshov... i missed everything. Damn I am upset. :(

Pree stop! it's too much of whinning. Don't you know asche bochor abar hobe :D

So all you lovely people out there, Bijoya Doshomi'r preeti o subeccha to you all. May all the Ravans in your life burn today. :)

Signing off for now leaving behind one of the most beautiful videos that celebrates the essence of divinity called Durga Pooja. Hope you would love to watch this beautiful creation by Rajesh Chakraborty.

Love and Carez

image courtesy: a friend of mine :)


  1. Dhak-sheuli-dhunuchi-aaroti-poojo-proshad-anando-utshov.. This said it all

    Bijoya greetings to u.

    Kothai Aacho ekhon

  2. :) :) :)

    Thanks CU. Tomakeo Bijoya'r preeti o subeccha.

    ami to always in Dilli. :)

    Kamon accho tumi?

  3. I wish you caught up with your friends and festival in the following years as your wish. Take care dear :)

  4. Belated Happy celebrations my dear Pree...though am quite late na to say it all...I feel so so bad na...:(

    From now on, I will not miss reading a single post of yours...promise!


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