Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~Don't threaten me with Love, baby. Let's just go walking in the Rain.~

There is something about rain you know. Something so inexpressible. How come these li’l rain drops when they fall on my window glass leave behind a trail of different stories to linger on for time unknown? Each it's own. Told and untold. Subsequently they join and unjoin and at last fall down forming a pool of some mysterious saga waiting to be unearthed. Pressing my warm body deep against this moist window, I for once again break the equilibrium of peace and mystery that was co-residing in each of these pools when detached from the border of the window pane. Softly enough I annihilate all such mystery pools. How come! They can hold so many emotions in them? Each a world in itself? Anyways!

I look through the window. Towards the other side. So very different from this side of the world. My world. It’s good that there is this glass between you and me. With so much of ease you have crystallized yourself with that other world. Fast and furious. Bright and shinning. I for that matter could never keep my pace up with the world out there. I stumbled every time. All the time. But every time I fell you were there to hold me on. I still feel I can fall again and again even if it means I have to bruise my knees, only if you are there to hold me in your arms. Those kisses, I tell you, were magical.

Baby! Why does rain have to have an element of gloom in it? When the fact is that when it rains my love for you grows manifold! Rain nourishes the earth. And Love is earthy. May be that’s why I enjoy watching the rainfall from this side of the window more. I wonder! What if I can’t hold it back anymore? After all it’s reciprocal. I know you would come running towards me shattering the glass barrier in between.

For one last time, I press myself harder against the glass barrier as if it will give me the warmth of you. Silly, no? Yes! You are right there. Those eyes! Ah! Those twinkling eyes! I know I can always locate them even if you are lost in a crowd. For me you are such an entity... a world in itself of which I was a part. Perhaps still.

Even amid separation we stay close. Could I ask for more?


But wait! Listen! Do you still have that scrap paper safely tucked in somewhere? I vaguely remember those lines by someone unknown, ‘when we pray to God we must be seeking nothing. Nothing.’

***Photograph used is the original work of the Blog Author.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I so feel like crashing down on your bare chest-
Your hands on my bare back-
A Linen that
Failed to cover us.
Nothing but the light of our eyes.
Breathes. Heartbeats.

Every thing in Silence.
Everything in Dark.

Baby, I allow you to light a cigarette. For the aura of smoke and the light it would add.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't apply your head, it might not make any sense. Rather try your ♥

Do I need reasons to be happy?

Do I need occasions to celebrate?

I have bountiful of reasons known and unknown no matter how silly or important they are, to rejoice.

"Happiness needs no reason but I have it and it’s called You. "

I wish everybody around has that one You always with them who magically turns every mundane moment into a celebration.


Dear Readers,

The YOU that is yours and the YOU that is mine are totally distinct. Please don’t get confused. I am utterly possessive about my YOU…So stay away.

Simply Me

PPS: I do not want this day to pass by without updating my blog. Now 9.11.10 can simply go into the lap of night and can sleep forever without any tussel.