Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't apply your head, it might not make any sense. Rather try your ♥

Do I need reasons to be happy?

Do I need occasions to celebrate?

I have bountiful of reasons known and unknown no matter how silly or important they are, to rejoice.

"Happiness needs no reason but I have it and it’s called You. "

I wish everybody around has that one You always with them who magically turns every mundane moment into a celebration.


Dear Readers,

The YOU that is yours and the YOU that is mine are totally distinct. Please don’t get confused. I am utterly possessive about my YOU…So stay away.

Simply Me

PPS: I do not want this day to pass by without updating my blog. Now 9.11.10 can simply go into the lap of night and can sleep forever without any tussel.


  1. That was very sweet.
    Now that you mention you're being possive, I miss trying to flirt with your You :P (Just kidding. Please don't chase me down and kill me :P )
    @dd, I turned 18 and you became Preeti's You.
    But then Preeti, You and DD, You are one of the cutest couples ever!
    SO love you and you! :)

    9.11.10 anniversary?

  2. I Love You ;)

    I mean yours! lol

  3. Oh, oh, for whom is "no trespassing of your YOU?" he he he...sure, you can have your YOU all for yourself coz I also have my OWN...:P

    My dear Pree is sooooo in majestically in love!!!


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