Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Romance with your Love

What I fear the most is this dead air in between us. I tremor; even at the slightest possibility of it taking shape. My inability to fill this gap even with my heaves and sighs leaves me with an unquenchable blend of confusion and discomfort. What follows is an unceremonious celebration of twinge in the heart. At that very moment when my heart trembles like it’s going to fall apart into uncountable bits and pieces, I want to run away. I know I am an escapist. But where shall I escape to other than the refuge in your arms?

Baby! Please hold me tight while running your fingers through the tangled web of my hair and say “You just don’t have to speak a word. I understand you even when you are at your weirdest best.”


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  2. sweet one preeti... btw... where have you been?

  3. Typical Preeti style! :)
    Loved this one as much!
    Hope all is well at your end

    Tk cr sweets

  4. Hi Preety,

    How are you? Seems you're...is this you?

    Okay, I hope and pray you're fine at your end...all of us needs silence and I wish he would really mean that even in your silence, he understand you...

    I want you to be happy always...

    Take care..

    Hugs and love,

    Big Sis Amity

  5. Hi Preeti :)

    such a sweet strong write up..

    hows you been mate? :)

    take care...

  6. That's a beautiful expression of love.

    Short and sweet :)

  7. the imagery tugged at my heart and woke a part of me i would never had acknowledged....


  8. Great blog,glad I visited.
    I loved the last phrase.

  9. oh i so can relate,especially the last lines:)
    gud work preeti.

  10. My friend Preety,..I felt it the same, when suddenly my very sweet and lovely sweetheart left me behind without any reason at all...my heart fall apart and it takes many months before my broken heart healed.



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