Saturday, February 19, 2011

Facing Bullets.

~Julie is back from the MCD hospital after her sterilization is being done. All safe and in good health.~

At Home:

Fresh Mustard Flowers.
  • Nothing can beat the bliss of being at home on a sick-leave this Friday considering the fact that Sat/ Sun are fixed OFFs :P
  • Today's Dinner delight: Sorsho phool banta aar gorom bhaat, prepared by Moi. You don't have to agree but I know I am awesome
  • Either Hollywood movies in a loop.
  • Or sleeping like a polar bear. :P

At Office:
Yes! This window belongs to my cabin
  • Yesterday was a busy day. After going through the hard phase of 'Lay off’ last month, finally I am back to do some fresh recruitments. It feels so great to see people leave the interview venue with a smile on their face and an offer letter in their hands, from this side of the table.
  • This particular girl named Pooja, I tell you was a total gone case. Once she left the room my boss smiled at me and gave me the biggest compliment ever. “She was your exact opposite. You are healthy and she is thin in such an unhealthy manner. She is so sad with her life while you are always so happy-happy. You know what you are like this Sunshine.” Ah! Sir! You don’t know, through what phase I have gone. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.
  • Two cute guys named A and S have developed a liking for their company's only HR.  :P

At Blog:

  • It feels nice to realize that I didn’t let my White Window die. Contemplating my past record at blogging, posting my 101st is a huge achievement.
  • I am no more friends with my girlies. It’s been over a year now. And no I don't miss them. Not anymore.
  • 97 Followers! Wowww! Thank you dear Readers.  But why do people follow my blog? I wonder what's there to follow! 
  • 'You comment I follow' ß this rule doesn’t exist in my blog dictionary anymore.
  • I read but I comment as per my convenience/mood/interest/. Largely it depends upon the emotions evoked. Blogging is not an obligation and so is commenting.
  • This is no more a creative blog.
  • Now my blog is all about Me. Contrary to before, I don’t wait for comments anymore.
  • But honestly, my heart smiles whenever there is a new comment.  Thank you all.
  • There are few bloggers whom I despise. They belong to some self-made elite groups and won’t visit the lesser bloggers. Most irritating thing about them à  Stop visiting them and they are bound to come back to your blog. Only to remind you that you are being missed in their so called elite blogs. Yeah these so called elite bloggers are just so comment hungry. They might stalk you too, shamelessly asking you to comment and follow.
  • But you know I have my favourites. Mithe and Jo. Swati and Akanksha
  • Recently I have started loving Raka too. Out of no particular reasons at all.
  • A lovely girl named Neeha has awarded my blog and  it is my turn now to pass this on to some recently discovered great bloggers. 

Chandana and Rachit, you guys deserve this the most. Please collect your award and do the following:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. *Thanks Neeha*
  2. Share 7 things about yourself. *LoL*
  3. Award recently discovered great bloggers.*Chandana and Rachit*
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.*Sure*

At Post Script: 

  • There is something miserably wrong with the blog post title. Good thing is I have figured that out. It should have been 'My Life in Bullet Points.' * wink*wink*
  • This blog post was not written to oblige by the rules of the award. But it turned out to be so. And I realized I can never constrain myself within some given numbers.
  • After a long time I made a post that's so full of photographs. Definitely a Feel Good Factor it is. :)
  • Photographs used are the original work of 'Yours Truly'.
  • Why do all my blog posts turn out to be so long that too when I really do not have anything to write at the beginning?

  Take Care


Monday, February 14, 2011

Let me ♥pin♥ us together.

When I was a child, I had this strange admiration towards this simple device called stapler. And the admiration still continues. Like before, it still leaves me stupefied.

And so as the Wiki goes, “A stapler is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends.”

A simple machine. That’s what a stapler is.

Simple. Isn’t the word simply beautiful? The most loved and requisite things in life are ones that are most simple and mundane. With such perfection and ease they have blended themselves into us that their existences do not stand out. And that is where the beauty lies. The beauty to behold.

I think you need that something special in you to so conveniently encompass everything around you, with nothing but your aura. And not all are blessed enough to be clichés. When people around say, they are after ‘unique’, I proudly declare that I love clichés.

Feelings in every form are a cliché. Be it associated with love or hatred. What makes a woman so unique? Her ability to womb in clichés in all their shades and density. Her effortless supremacy to encompass the life around her.

A woman is a stapler. And her innumerable clichéd ways are those small metal staples who bind a family by folding the arms. Someone didn’t say for nothing, a haven is there in the enclosure of your woman’s arm and heaven is there at the feet of your mother. Strengthening the bond she nurtures life without even drawing any bound. She protects you and lets you evolve. All simultaneously. Her way is the unconditional way.

I love you. Don’t I? So what our ways seem oft repeated. I will bite off your lips the next time you say, “Baby its so cliché.”, to make you understand the harder way that love itself is a cliché with all its high and low echelon of intricacies. I know you would love it.

You don’t have to show your love by writing my name on the moon by sticking stars. Just hug me. Don’t say a word. Remember! I can decode your heartbeats!

Let the stapler be me and my love its pin.

P.S: I know, with a pat on my shoulder you would say, it's better late than never Pree. And so with this post I stapled my 100th  post today. Yeah! It took me 3+ years to reach this milestone. Now common! stop giving me that astonished gaze. Don't you think I deserve a big round of applause instead? :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On a Slate. ~ My story on Nirasha

Hope. That’s what we girls are. We are the li’l angels of hope and harbingers of happiness and prosperity. And that’s why many of us are named Asha. I know families who celebrate the homecoming of their ‘bundle of joy’ and I have come across such families too who sink themselves in the river of despair.

Dear Readers,

Would you mind if I ask you:

  1.  What’s your definition of girl/daughter?
  2.  Someday, don’t you want to have your own daughter?
  3.  Her Name and its meaning.

What kind of parents they must be who named their daughter Nirasha? The father denied her as his child and the mother cursed her womb! Believe me her name was Nirasha. I met her while I was in Dubai. She was the caretaker of my friend’s aunt’s ailing daughter. Contrary to her name she was a livewire. She said it wasn’t easy for her to come in terms with life. Sometimes your tears refuse to roll down because you can’t show your pain to the blazing gaze of a hard-hearted society.

In every corner of the world girls are abused, disrespected, raped and killed. Is she really so insignificant?

Accept it or not but girls are the most beautiful creation of God. His miracle of superior eminence. If nothing more, She is what you called LifeIs there anything more dearer than one's life?

♥ Words on a slate are never permanent. Lets rub off the traces of such a society where women are still ill-treated. 

***Photograph used is the original work of the blog author.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On a Slate.


Ok! So for those who don’t know the meaning of the word imprinted above, it means:

• Hopelessness
• Gloom
• Disappointment
• Despair
• Frustration
• Let-down
• Despondency
• Dismay
• Discouragement
• Melancholy

To all those lovely people reading this blog,

  1. Can you share one such instance when you were hit by it the most?
  2. What did you do to overcome it?
  3. Do you know any fighter who was at the extremes of hopelessness and yet has emerged out as a winner?
  4. To what extent of ‘Nirasha’ a person can go? In what scenario it is justified?
  5. How do you tackle people who spread this malady around?

Tell me a story you have faced/witnessed/heard on Nirasha.

Words on a slate are never permanent. Lets rub off the traces of hopelessness from our lives.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper boats float in my heart.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Foodie Introspection~

I have an answer now… Yes I love Leonardo Di Caprio. :D

The power of my taste buds have enhanced dramatically. Wow! They now like eggs.

Butter. Butter. Butter.

I love the flavors of coriander leaves and lemon.

My love for ketchup is back : D

Maggie. I don’t think I can live without you. Sorry I tried to.

I still end up ordering butter chicken.

Pizza! Trust me you taste good but sorry I won’t spend on you.

Momo. My appetite for you hasn’t decreased a bit. I can still eat 2 plates of you, all alone. :)

I can’t be a vegetarian. I don’t even try to. Once in a while the thought of turning a vegan dawns upon me but there is this one greater force that successfully pulls me away.

Don’t ask me. I won’t tell you who or what that greater force is. :p

Chinese Cuisine. I get this strange craving for you often. Very often

Roasted duck. You are sill on the top of my wishlist. Please get out of it soon.

Daab-chingri. You rule!!

♥ Dear Taste of Kolkata, thanks for those unforgettably mouth-watering crispy lamb.

I love buffets in grand restaurants. I feel like eating everything included in it. Unfortunately I feel satiated way too soon. Sigh!

KFC’s chicken bucket is nothing great.

I will never eat shwarma by directly going to Al-bake. My sister told they prepare and serve; just few steps away from a ghastly gutter. Bayzid! please come back and bring home some shawarmas .

Honestly! What’s the point in going out to have veg???

Nothing can beat the fun of gorging on radha-ballabhi, luchi torkari and chai from those road side stall and sweet shops in C.R Park, market no:2. Of course with your special someone. :)

Seriously! I mean seriously! How can you go to all those expensive restaurants just to have salads? I mean how come you ever go out to have salads?

Sorry, I don't like you, milk. But I drool over you once you become an inseparable part of kuli-pithe.

Tankush, do you still serve the best chicken parathas?

Lady!! You prepare awesome egg parathas. And the best part is, it only takes 2 min to reach you. Please never move away to some other place. We seriously adore your 10 Rupees egg paratha with vinegar dipped mirch and sliced gajar.

Esplanade, where are you situated in C.R Park? I searched and searched and searched you and yet not have located you. I guess the address given in that stupid Times Food Guide was wrong. There was this one old house with one very old lady who was so unwilling of to let go off me. These days nobody has got the time for their grandparents. The whole day they wait by the gate with the hope of the some familiar face passing by.

I hate those small-colorful tutti-fruiti cherries.

Litchi, trust me you are so cute. You are my favorite. Don’t you worry orange and strawberries, you guys are sweethearts too. And please don’t forget Australian grapes, atta and babukhosha.

Popcorn and chuski, you guys are delectable.

Sweet corns!! Oh! God! Your aroma is heaven.

Pistachios are to die for.

I don't like tomatoes like before. My family laughs it off though. :(

Where can I get those cheese, the ones on which Tom's Jerry madly slobbers?

Bournville!!!! I Love You.

This insanity drives me crazy! Someday I will eat you too, dear Leonardo :P

P.S: This list will undergo continues upgradation process with addition and deletion to it time and again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


♥ God! give me the willpower to rise above the ordinary.