Friday, February 4, 2011

A Foodie Introspection~

I have an answer now… Yes I love Leonardo Di Caprio. :D

The power of my taste buds have enhanced dramatically. Wow! They now like eggs.

Butter. Butter. Butter.

I love the flavors of coriander leaves and lemon.

My love for ketchup is back : D

Maggie. I don’t think I can live without you. Sorry I tried to.

I still end up ordering butter chicken.

Pizza! Trust me you taste good but sorry I won’t spend on you.

Momo. My appetite for you hasn’t decreased a bit. I can still eat 2 plates of you, all alone. :)

I can’t be a vegetarian. I don’t even try to. Once in a while the thought of turning a vegan dawns upon me but there is this one greater force that successfully pulls me away.

Don’t ask me. I won’t tell you who or what that greater force is. :p

Chinese Cuisine. I get this strange craving for you often. Very often

Roasted duck. You are sill on the top of my wishlist. Please get out of it soon.

Daab-chingri. You rule!!

♥ Dear Taste of Kolkata, thanks for those unforgettably mouth-watering crispy lamb.

I love buffets in grand restaurants. I feel like eating everything included in it. Unfortunately I feel satiated way too soon. Sigh!

KFC’s chicken bucket is nothing great.

I will never eat shwarma by directly going to Al-bake. My sister told they prepare and serve; just few steps away from a ghastly gutter. Bayzid! please come back and bring home some shawarmas .

Honestly! What’s the point in going out to have veg???

Nothing can beat the fun of gorging on radha-ballabhi, luchi torkari and chai from those road side stall and sweet shops in C.R Park, market no:2. Of course with your special someone. :)

Seriously! I mean seriously! How can you go to all those expensive restaurants just to have salads? I mean how come you ever go out to have salads?

Sorry, I don't like you, milk. But I drool over you once you become an inseparable part of kuli-pithe.

Tankush, do you still serve the best chicken parathas?

Lady!! You prepare awesome egg parathas. And the best part is, it only takes 2 min to reach you. Please never move away to some other place. We seriously adore your 10 Rupees egg paratha with vinegar dipped mirch and sliced gajar.

Esplanade, where are you situated in C.R Park? I searched and searched and searched you and yet not have located you. I guess the address given in that stupid Times Food Guide was wrong. There was this one old house with one very old lady who was so unwilling of to let go off me. These days nobody has got the time for their grandparents. The whole day they wait by the gate with the hope of the some familiar face passing by.

I hate those small-colorful tutti-fruiti cherries.

Litchi, trust me you are so cute. You are my favorite. Don’t you worry orange and strawberries, you guys are sweethearts too. And please don’t forget Australian grapes, atta and babukhosha.

Popcorn and chuski, you guys are delectable.

Sweet corns!! Oh! God! Your aroma is heaven.

Pistachios are to die for.

I don't like tomatoes like before. My family laughs it off though. :(

Where can I get those cheese, the ones on which Tom's Jerry madly slobbers?

Bournville!!!! I Love You.

This insanity drives me crazy! Someday I will eat you too, dear Leonardo :P

P.S: This list will undergo continues upgradation process with addition and deletion to it time and again.


  1. Awwww this post is just sooooooooooooooo cute :), just like you, sweety.

  2. hehe... so cute! i just had lunch and am hungry all over again :P

  3. The list sweets as sweet as you! I don’t usual go to restaurants and the only place I used to check often was the Woodland drive-in restaurant to have my favorites Dosai!

    U has a great flavor dear. I like KFC chicken popcorn and snacks box

  4. hahahahaha, make me laughed and excited friend Preety,..some of all craft you mentioned and categorized was soooo mouth-watering taste to me, hope some day I see and taste it all, and those which is not good must be put in the trash...sorry about that,..thanks a lot...friend Preety.


  5. wow..such a sweet post..hehe..nice list u hav..tempting..:P:P

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  7. i so hate you!! shokal shokal you talk to me about Daab chingri and all the goodies :( that too on a Monday!!! hmmph :X

    great post ... left me hungry though

  8. You will get the cheese at any sugar and spice and there is an Al Bake in khan market which is much cleaner


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