Monday, February 14, 2011

Let me ♥pin♥ us together.

When I was a child, I had this strange admiration towards this simple device called stapler. And the admiration still continues. Like before, it still leaves me stupefied.

And so as the Wiki goes, “A stapler is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends.”

A simple machine. That’s what a stapler is.

Simple. Isn’t the word simply beautiful? The most loved and requisite things in life are ones that are most simple and mundane. With such perfection and ease they have blended themselves into us that their existences do not stand out. And that is where the beauty lies. The beauty to behold.

I think you need that something special in you to so conveniently encompass everything around you, with nothing but your aura. And not all are blessed enough to be clichés. When people around say, they are after ‘unique’, I proudly declare that I love clichés.

Feelings in every form are a cliché. Be it associated with love or hatred. What makes a woman so unique? Her ability to womb in clichés in all their shades and density. Her effortless supremacy to encompass the life around her.

A woman is a stapler. And her innumerable clichéd ways are those small metal staples who bind a family by folding the arms. Someone didn’t say for nothing, a haven is there in the enclosure of your woman’s arm and heaven is there at the feet of your mother. Strengthening the bond she nurtures life without even drawing any bound. She protects you and lets you evolve. All simultaneously. Her way is the unconditional way.

I love you. Don’t I? So what our ways seem oft repeated. I will bite off your lips the next time you say, “Baby its so cliché.”, to make you understand the harder way that love itself is a cliché with all its high and low echelon of intricacies. I know you would love it.

You don’t have to show your love by writing my name on the moon by sticking stars. Just hug me. Don’t say a word. Remember! I can decode your heartbeats!

Let the stapler be me and my love its pin.

P.S: I know, with a pat on my shoulder you would say, it's better late than never Pree. And so with this post I stapled my 100th  post today. Yeah! It took me 3+ years to reach this milestone. Now common! stop giving me that astonished gaze. Don't you think I deserve a big round of applause instead? :D


  1. cute write up and Huge round of applause to the lady..

    loved to staple my comment here.. :)

    Miss Stapler....


  2. *Big round of claps* :D

    Congrats on stapling your 100th post!

    Brilliant writeup!

  3. God Bless you honey..the purity in your thoughts is palpabaly obvious...
    beautiful peace to staple your 'hundredth' post!!! You have a long way to go.....

  4. Congrats - you have very unique insights and thoughts, keep them coming with the same fervor and originality. Wish you many more posts.

  5. @Naina... hey! how are you?? Thanks for your such a sweet comment. :)

    @Chandana... Thank you dear. :)

    @Mithe.. i hope you know,whenever you comment, it makes my day. You are my most precious reader ever. Thank you honey bunch. :)

    @Sanand... Welcome here. :) thanks for those encouraging words. Hope to see you again.

  6. Really loved the way u pin up the post and compared it with women and love. Simple beautiful dear. May your sweetness continue to enchant here ever. Congrats :)

  7. et the stapler be me and my love its pin.

    beautiful words... by a beautiful girl! :)

    Congratulations on your 100th!! :)

  8. your own words truly defines it: The most loved and requisite things in life are ones that are most simple and mundane. a lovely insightful post.

  9. @Jeevan...Thanks for all your love and support dear jeevan. :)

    @Sanjay... Thank you. :)

    @Raka... Thanks a lot honey bunch. ♥

    @Rachit... Thank you. :)

  10. And I loved this write up... just like you love the stapler.. beautiful and "Simple" :)

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post my dear! It does not matter whether it took you 3 years before reaching this 100th...

    I wish to staple to silence soon my blog...because of so many pressing concerns of late...

    As someone had once said to me, "I feel unhappy blogging already"...

    I wish i will not reach that point yet!

  12. Well said!! :) Your new follower :)

    I love cliches as well!!:)the intensity is what makes us "unique".It's a two way track don't you think ? :)


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