Monday, March 14, 2011

Wishes are not horses.

Some nights all I have got is your outline. I trace your eyes, your cheeks but my fingers refuse to move past your lips. Have I ever told you how much my fingers love to glide through your hair? How I feel like pushing those layers over your forehead aside? And then to kiss on your empty forehead?

The touch of those silken textures feels like a much-loved dream.

If only photographs could reciprocate.


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  2. Wow!!
    Sensuous and religious
    (I know it seems odd but it is least thats what I thought).Its worship of beauty...a worship of a different kind no??

    I still have to see your other blog. Promise will soon blog hop there:)
    Love ya Preeti Gal:)

  3. short and sweet as usual :) here is the link to painting but don't expect to be great.

  4. sensual and poignant.. and totally beautiful... the words caressed my soul!

  5. May each and every loved dream comes true ! loveing is the most beautiful feeling.


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