Thursday, May 26, 2011


For some ‘blue’ is just a color and for some it is symbolic of the sorrows inside their heart.
To me blue represents the entirety of my heart and soul. For my heart and soul together are nothing less than this cosmos. Over this color blue, my dreams are the studded stars and they shine in their own light.
When life is basking in the glory of sunshine, the clear blue sky is my canvas to paint my dreams. For what do you think these cottony clouds are! Nothing but the dreams and milestones I have painted.

And when it rains over my blue landscape, the beauty is matchless. It tells stories to me. Stories from stones and stories from tomorrows. Don’t you think that this heavy downpour will wash me away. For it’s here to cleanse my soul. Pristine! That’s what I change into after a heavy downpour of struggle and failure.
Whenever I am there at the top of a mist engulfed mountain with occasional outburst of drizzle, I see you coming to me; holding in your li'l hands a seven colored umbrella. With a smile and a twinkle in your eyes you embrace me by my knees. You know! That keeps me going. Not the sunshiny umbrella but the shine in your eyes.
When the scorching summer along with its heat-waves wilts me down, I know my life is safe, when holding your rainbow colored umbrella I see you coming. You know! That keeps me going. Not the umbrella but your eyes.
I can hold my soul on to my two palms and can tribute it to the blue in your eyes. For in the blue of your eyes lie my cosmos and my entire existence.

My blue-eyed baby girl! You are the spark that gives life to my life.


  1. Thats simply awesome!!! Very well put :-)
    Hope u're doing fine sweetheart!

  2. Did i ever tell you i have a fixation for everything blue?? and the reasons are quite similar to yours... so when u see a number of blue items on me you will know why...

    btw i have a new address


  3. Hey Preeti... how are u?.. yet another wonderful post... u have a way of putting the thoughts with such clarity and paint them in rainbow colours.... keep walking!!!

  4. Awesome :))
    God bless the mother daughter duo :)

  5. I know a friend for whom blue symbolizes everything.

  6. Lovely and i was lost reading ur post... :)


  7. Wow! what a beautifully enchanting blog! loved the theme ... It made me soar into a world of dreams... :)

  8. awesome.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  9. hi Preetilata(nice name)..
    I should say after going thru this article...I luvd it and specially,the last line..

    An awesome pleasant blog u have..
    njoyed being here..
    I like ur about me part..

  10. Beautiful pretti:)

    It was like the clouds that makes more the blue sky beautiful in your thoughts and dreams.

  11. "My blue-eyed baby girl! You are the spark that gives life to my life."

    Hmmmm....tell me what this line is all about Preety?

    I love blue you know...everything in my comfort zone is gives me that comforting cool feelings! :)

  12. Awww! That was so heart warming Angel Nanimum :)

    I am not a fan of blue, but it is a gorgeous color, what with the sky and the oceans being resplendent in all its hues.

    As for the blue-eyed baby girl...(((HUGS)))

  13. "My blue-eyed baby girl! You are the spark that gives life to my life". no need to write this is better understood :))

  14. Blue is endlessness...a meadow of bliss.

  15. Blue is described best in the book Mr Pip. By Lloyd Jones. I forget. But it was heart touching. Just like this post


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