Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Letter to God.

Dear God,

As I grow in life may I learn the wisdom to see people as they are, not as they appear.

I wish I was not so ignorant of the true shades of human nature. I wish I was not a fool to trust people just like that. Someone close once told me a sensitive girl can seldom succeed. And it seems to be so so so true.

Yours Truly


  1. How different is a person from what he is to what he appears!! Grt job ahead to understand the difference..very difficult..

    Nice to know that U've gained the wisdom to do so.. all the best.>:)

  2. So true. I wish such wisdom exists in everyone.

  3. i think this is felt by each and everyone at some point.. only then they change.. experience teaches us painful lessons sometimes :)


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