Friday, September 2, 2011


इस शहर में वो बात कहा
जो मेरे अपने शहर की थी.
जहा हर धूप की छाओं में
मैने सपने सेंकी थी.

यहा दीवारो से साये भी अब
सिल सी गयी है.
उम्मिदो से हिम्मत की परत
न जाने कब...छिल सी गयी है.

शाखो पर जो ये बूंदे पड़ी है कुछ-
वो आईना दिखती है.
गहराई में जो झाँको कभी
वो अंतरमन हिलती है.

क्या इन गलियो को तुमने- 
छु कर देखा है कभी?
धूल की चादर को यूही बदन पे-
तुमने ओढ़ा है कभी?

रूह बसती है इनमे. 



  1. kitna Kopuu hai ley ye poem.... kaishe likha.. batana ley... eheeeeeehheeeee..
    Aup. Bad M lovesh th poem. By bytk.

  2. Dear Preeti
    Very nice poem simple and pleasant...not those modern ones !
    Thanks for following my food blog
    Have a nice week

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  5. This is such a beautifully woven piece, Pree <3

    And dearest Confused Soul.
    Really ? I gave you permission to copy my post and publish it as your own? I don't even know you exist, for one. And two, if you had seeked permission I'd let you do it. :|
    Your act disgusts me and makes me feel nauseated. Get a life. Please don't blog if you have to steal other people's write ups.

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  7. Dear Pree,

    This wasn't the friend I was talking about, but I have sent Crystal my message through a comment. As for the plagiarism part, I can understand the anger that you and her share for me, but I've been a genuine blogger. And pls you have to trust me on this one. I had NO IDEA it was her post, this was shared with me via an FB note. But now that I know he wasn't honest either, I've taken the post off from my blog. Really sorry about this! Take care.
    Keep blogging!

  8. Firstly I am sorry,I didn't visit your place so long.
    Secondly,couldn't comment on your poem coz I don't understand it:(
    Jus dropped to say 'Take Care'.


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