Sunday, February 13, 2011

On a Slate. ~ My story on Nirasha

Hope. That’s what we girls are. We are the li’l angels of hope and harbingers of happiness and prosperity. And that’s why many of us are named Asha. I know families who celebrate the homecoming of their ‘bundle of joy’ and I have come across such families too who sink themselves in the river of despair.

Dear Readers,

Would you mind if I ask you:

  1.  What’s your definition of girl/daughter?
  2.  Someday, don’t you want to have your own daughter?
  3.  Her Name and its meaning.

What kind of parents they must be who named their daughter Nirasha? The father denied her as his child and the mother cursed her womb! Believe me her name was Nirasha. I met her while I was in Dubai. She was the caretaker of my friend’s aunt’s ailing daughter. Contrary to her name she was a livewire. She said it wasn’t easy for her to come in terms with life. Sometimes your tears refuse to roll down because you can’t show your pain to the blazing gaze of a hard-hearted society.

In every corner of the world girls are abused, disrespected, raped and killed. Is she really so insignificant?

Accept it or not but girls are the most beautiful creation of God. His miracle of superior eminence. If nothing more, She is what you called LifeIs there anything more dearer than one's life?

♥ Words on a slate are never permanent. Lets rub off the traces of such a society where women are still ill-treated. 

***Photograph used is the original work of the blog author.