Friday, December 30, 2011

Bicycle Stories. ~incomplete

And there goes the road to my school
With memories planted on each side
Blooming with delight
And swaying with pride.
Barefooted I walk over the lone road
And try to match the size of my foot
With the ones- imprinted long back.
Impressions. Some of them refuse to fade.

There was a dream of dreams
A one of a kind.
Fonder. Special. Closest.
But some dreams turn to memories
Roll in the dust of time
Those dreamlores. They are always there.
Reality. That’s something they are not meant to be.

Dated: 14th Oct'10  

P.S: Tried hard since long to end this scribbling with such a stanza which would sing songs of optimism. But couldn't. May be one fine day it would be rewritten. Yes, it would be completed some time soon. :)