Thursday, October 25, 2012

We are a FAMILY!

We- the Indian bloggers- together are no less than a Family and hence very aptly justify the punch line of our beloved Indiblogger that goes as ‘No other place I would rather be’. Calling Indiblogger just a ‘group’ is downright offence to our emotions and attachment towards each other. The only world that describes us precisely is FAMILY.

Because it’s in a family only where there is an amalgamation of every kind people and yet we never fail to accept and love each other completely. Where else a shy and reserved girl like me would be accepted so wholeheartedly? I have always find it difficult to find my own space amidst a large crowd and hence was a bit terrified to be a part of this amazing Pantene Nature Fusion Women's Indiblogger Meet even though it was going to be my 2nd meet.

As I have already tasted this vintage wine by attending the Meet sponsored by Dove hence this time the fear was much less but the jitters were still there. But yes then again the excitement to be a part of such a wonderful event never left me alone.

Inside my mind the ‘Reserved Me’ and the ‘Excited Me’ were going through a tough battle. Even though the ‘Excited Me’ won the battle, the ‘Reserved Me’ was not ready to let it go that easily and hence I decided to be a part of this Meet only after the ‘30sec of Fame’ part was over. The partner in crime in this atrocious act was none other than my blogger BFF Akanksha. Instead of heading the venue on time we both decided to hit Select City walk instead. After a satiable amount of window shopping and sulking over the fact that we can’t buy anything because of the Shrads, we decided to make a move to ITC Shereton that too only after gorging on junks available in McDonalds.

We were already late by an hour or so but were basking in the glory of skipping the intro session. Giggling all the way we finally entered the ‘Ballroom and Dynasty’ and were mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty that was awaiting inside. Large round tables surrounded by comfortable chairs were welcoming us. It was truly a grand affair with beautiful satins and fresh flowers in earthen pots adoring every table. Shades of green and white soothed my eyes and soul instantly. But the excitement that rushed through my body when the blogger friends whom I have only known virtually till then recognized me and asked me to join them, was matchless. I mean I am just an ordinary blogger who does not even blog regularly is recognized by these famous bloggers! And not only that they immediately showered their immense love on me. I was truly touched. Where else this happens? Nowhere else other than in a family called ‘Indiblogger’.