Monday, December 3, 2012

From the depths abyssal.

The earth ponders and keeps the fire burning. I witness it with wide open eyes. There is something so very mean and uncultivated there. Uncultivated and bereaved of many things out of which some fickle and frivolous emotions top the list. Emotions – the most talked about but very much overrated somethings. We play around and make merry all in the garb of some pretentious fallacies and in the process we keep on hurting while obnoxiously shouting about how hurt we ourselves are. And we do it all in the name of something called 'emotions'. Every drop of tear that leaves its abode tells a story. A kind of story that’s smeared in falsity and brevity. 

And what comes handy is the withdrawal syndrome. But how far one can run away from those fallacies made out of erroneous efforts that consumed no less than a lifetime? When life itself is just a mere notion of something unknown. 

Palpitating emotions and its accompaniments would not hold even a mere substance when the sun would celebrate over the other side of the sky. Till then let me enjoy the excruciating pleasure covered under the thick wrap of uncouth pain for some more time. Perhaps just perhaps it will keep me going for few more steps when the sun is yet to shine.

Let’s see for how long felicity eludes me!