Monday, April 8, 2013

Giving up?

I have always been a whimsy writer. If it is not something urgent and not related to work or studies, I find it very difficult to write if the thoughts do not come on their own from within.

Now the greatest problem I face is that various thoughts keep hovering in my mind all the time. And my heart never stops to generate feelings too. But somehow my weakness to procrastinate writing has prolonged for so long that it has now turned to a habit. It seems, now the Words are paying me back for my age-old callousness towards them. It kills me from within and the fact that I have already missed my F post and my complete cluelessness about what to write on the other alphabets too is choking me to worst kind of death.

My mind has churned out several ideas for F. I even scribbled few lines but could not connect them and weave together to a final something. And I, until and unless am not satisfied with my write-ups even to a miniscule bit, cannot make up my mind to post it on my blog. Somehow just for the sake of posting I cannot post. I have this uncanny ability to go harsh on me and my write-ups all the time. I am just never happy and contended.

I checked my draft folder and found several write-ups that never saw the daylight. Out of them many are even jinxed for they are destined to remain incomplete forever. I could have easily picked one out of them, modified it a bit and turned it in to a post of the day. But blame it on my overconfidence or on my zeal to come out of my comfort zone that I did not settle for it. There is this invincible thirst in me to write something new that is not letting me do that. I know if I post my older write-ups I will end up doing that for many days to come. But that will defy the very purpose for which I have joined this A to Z Blogging challenge.

I feel frustrated and very much disappointed now. It is just the beginning of the challenge and by the 6th day only, my words…once again are giving up on me. It hurts and I do not know how to express it. My heart is weeping and bleeding and I don’t know how to tend my heart and sooth it’s pain. I wish writing came easy to me. I wish.

But the question still remains the same,

Am I Giving up? 

Well! No! Not yet. Not this soon at least.


  1. Aww..don worry, it happens and its normal. I stopped blogging in 2009 and have ever since been trying to write. Finally its not that I have found my corner to write again :)

  2. You are really taking it too much on heart :)
    sorry for taking the privilege but more than bringing the best outcome try for good and better ones too. Y did u delete the draft :(
    Let it come . Let it see the day light ?
    Who knows . Some one might read and like it too !!
    words are attacking me too. I - echo your feelings but its challenge hence I write some thing every day try to give my best shot and submit. I have same fears but together we shall conquer
    Please dont stop

  3. No you are not. No are just thinking in too many directions. Pen them down and trust me the incomplete stories find an ending somewhere down the line. Maybe they are not ready just yet to call it a day. Hang in there!

  4. :)

    never give up on good things :)

  5. No! You are not giving up! We love reading you here!
    And that's a wonderful post for G :)

  6. We all go through those blank moments - keep going.

  7. :D Great to end with a smile ! :)

  8. This has happened with me many a times, and especially during this challenge. Sometimes you run short of words and the stress builds up, as you need to submit the post within a period of time. This is a wonderful post so keep going. Don't give up !

  9. The jury is out on this, Pree. You can't give up, because we just won't let you! ♥


  10. There are so many people out there who are good at their crafts(writing, painting or whatever) But the world never sees their work just because they gave up when they shouldn't have..Done let that happen to you !

  11. I won't let you give up. You just cannot. The fact that you wrote this post even though you skipped 'F' means so much to me! I know, deep down, you're also not ready to give up and that is why you penned this post.


  12. well, not to forget that G is followed by H - Hope :)

  13. Preetilata, you're doing excellently so far. And you're going to be just fine. :-) Hugs!

  14. This post is for Gin the challenge, right? See, you could write so well on 'giving up'. So on to the next letter now! Cheers!

    1. Ooops, that should read 'G in the challenge' and not 'Gin the challenge'! My space bar is the villain! :P

  15. Happens to most of us...and you cannot give up. Always be ready for a challenge.

  16. See girl yourself said it are not ready to give up....not now ...not forever :) Its not the scent of victory ...but the smell of sweat you'll always cherish :) I am also like you . I have more drafts than complete tales what ? I let them tell their own tale ? Don't think too much and let the word stake their own course . Hugs :)

  17. Not giving up is what I read... H has hope written all over it...

  18. Can relate to every single word...I have drafts outnumbering my posts. LOL - Hang in there, I love your posts :-)

  19. That’s why I haven’t taken this challenge :) I always prefer for leisure writing.

    I too wish you on behalf writing... don’t over-stress yourself. Just be cool and write what comes to mind that moment. I know it’s easy to say than writing on our own.

    All the best Pretti!

  20. Glad you didn't give up.
    Keep going
    Just write what you've been writing.... thoughts and struggles :)


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  22. Preeti darling..I know you will not! It is commendable that you think about writing in such a almost worship it to a point where you cannot be untrue to the spirit of writing and to the power of your pen! I bless you for that and this is the mark of a true writer!

    Keep on..and I hope to see the F post soon. Its time for H fav letter because its what my name begins with..looking forward to that. :)


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