Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Love

Post after post dealing with melancholy this is now time to rejuvenate and for some happy introspection. So let me list certain things I love and thus unclutter my mind a bit. Life is simple and let me keep it like that for some time. Errr.... at least for a day. :)

1. Mountains: I can never do justice in expressing my love for it. I feel like home in the wide arms of Mountains. Even before I had the opportunity to visit one, I felt a strong connection with it. Everything about it attracts me and the attraction, the love, and the deep connection never cease to amaze me. Last September I went to Mc.Leodganj and my 3 days trip easily got stretched to 7days and yet I was just not ready to come back home. I want to go back in the arms of some beautiful mountain like right now. 

2. Snowfall: I have no idea when exactly my love affair with it started. But till date I have got only one opportunity to experience its love back. It was in the year 2006 and during my Amarnath Trip, the heavenly nature bestowed me with snowfall. I can still feel that ecstasy running on my spine, the ecstasy of snow-flakes gracing my body and my soul.

3. Light House: I just don't know why. I often imaging myself on the top of a light-house. Silence. Moonlight. And just Me. Sometimes with Him too.

4. Cheesecakes: I just can have cheesecakes all the time. My happiness knew know bound when I made one at home myself. The moment was euphoric.

5. Food: Yes I do. And I love to try different cuisines. My food lists will never have an end to it.

6. Soup: I can never adjust soup in Food category. It is an absolute independent category and I can happily live a major part of my life on SOUP.

7. DND road: there is certain kind of beauty over that stretch of road. Whenever I am there the beauty encapsulates me. I feel a queer sense of peace over there. The wide DND toll road, the Yamuna over flowing beside, the greenery around, the cool-soothing breeze, the twinkling street-lights and the glittering vehicles and their sparkling reflections on the river ; everything has an intoxicating effect on me.

8. Bicycles: Nothing… almost nothing can replace my love for it. And for some reasons unknown I can never leave it behind. Well to be honest I know the reasons and may be one day I will write on it too.

9. Poems and poets: and I always excited to know/feel/understand what went inside the poet’s heart and mind that lead to a birth of poetry.

10. Ikebana: My love for flowers, nature, art, stories, concepts, minimalism and Japan are the reasons behind my love for Ikebana. In this life time of mine I will surely master the art of Ikebana one fine day.

11. Rainfall: I forget just everything. Only a certain kind of happiness fills me up. I have so many fantasies associated with it.

12. Quilling and paper art: It is amazing how a piece or just a strip of paper can create a whole new world. I wish I could give more time to quilling.

13. Peepal leaf: For me it is the most beautiful leaf on earth. And I love to paint on it.

14. Ink pens: :)

15. Watches: Along with books and ink-pens, gift me a watch and see me on the top of the world.

16. Traveling and exploring the unknown.

17. Photographs: explains why I have hordes and hordes of photographs with me. This includes the photo of silliest of silly things. I am not a photographer but someone who loves to click.

18. My girlfriends: No explanation needed. I just love them for no reason.

19. Bending straws and the cute li’l Mocktail Umbrellas: :D

20. My phone which is a brand new Galaxy Note II. And I just can’t get enough of it. Yes, it is li’l big and heavy to carry but then love is blind too. :)

21. Holding his hands.And just silence all around.

22. Balconies. Corners. Candles and Lamps.

23. Wind on my face and in my ever entangled hair.

24. Musical Fountains.  And how to stop my heart from swaying with every beat and move of it?

25. Bangles, Bracelets and earrings.

26. Dogs, Crows, Sparrows, and Squirrels. Those cute li'l things brims me with happiness. Yes a crow too. I find crow to be one of the most handsome birds. I love humming birds too but have never seen it for real. And my life is incomplete without my dogs around me.

27. Sunflowers. Whenever I am sad I imagine for a field full sunflowers. It helps me to overcome my pain. And just the thought of sunflowers makes me happy.

28. Feathers, Dried flowers, and Dried Leaves kept inside the pages of my books

29. Shantaram. He or the book.... i just can't decide. And needless to say i love the Man behind him.... Gregory David Roberts.

30. Leonardo DiCaprio:  i am not just madly in love with him but plain insane about him. Lock me in a room and let me watch his movies back to back. I won't complain at all. Oh! God! will i ever get to kiss him??

I can't end the post without mentioning my love for Windows. My entire blog reflects my love for it. And i need to dedicate a complete post for expressing my love for the windows.

Love & Hugs


  1. That's an interesting list... got to know a bit more about you through this! :)
    Will be writing a post (not a poem) for No. 9... wait for it!
    LOL @ No. 20 :D

  2. A big yes to most on the list...especially rains, girlfriends and food.

  3. Loved this list! N i nod my hea dto most if not all

  4. Interesting list ! I use the DND everyday ! I love Ink pens, mountains and Cheesecake too. And off course travelling !

  5. Gosh !
    U r hopelessly romantic arent u ! ? and thats what makes a woman more interesting !
    Windows , corners ,light houses , mountains
    images came so clear to me !!
    Whaats ikebana btw :-o !!

    WHo ever will hold ur hands in future will sure be proud ::)

  6. I haven't created a list like this and I find yours so enchanting! Must try to do this soon.

  7. Our list overlaps:-) Nice read!

  8. thats a lot of love pretty :)
    Ikebana - i never knew that arranging flowers also has classification in art! wow, thanks for that.
    i have an attraction towrds lighthouses myself :) the old creepy ones :D

  9. That's a wonderful list! Great to keep such a list around especially when you're feeling low!

  10. Super list - Leonardo diCaprio has the most sexy eyes. Good choice. Mountains, Soup, Snow, Photographs, Poems ... yep my favourites too. What a happy post.

  11. wonderful list.. holding hands.. :D

    and mountains... sigh... sigh... sigh....

    I think that explains ! :D

  12. Woww....I am sure the list is also never ending ;)

  13. Very cute post with sweet little things of cherishing! I share your spirit on mountains, rainfall, peepal leaf, traveling, wind and windows. Mountains never fail to inspire me preeti! I love mountains and beaches like nothing. I like your appeal for lighthouse, poets and Leonardo kiss ;)

  14. You have varied interests and it is all reflected in our writing..sometimes simple posts are all you need..loved knowing more about you! :)


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