Friday, April 26, 2013

White Window

Oh my sweet li’l window. 
Always remain wide open 
Through you I see a world 
Which never existed before. 
You are my friend …my strength …my hope. 
A pure reflection of my soul 
You are such a shadow of mine 
Which is purely eternal. 
I don’t want to keep myself 
Hidden from the world any more. 
Through you I want to explore 
The world and my soul. 
And the connection in between the two.

P.S: This poem is a repost. It was originally written and posted on 17th Sept. 2008 on the occasion of My White Window's 1st Anniversary. And this year i will be completing six gorgeous years of blogging and i hope to be around for many more years to come.  


  1. Love it! So very apt as a eulogy to your blog! :)
    Happy 6th anniversary! Wow!

  2. I too started blogging in 08 but was on and off
    now little regular
    WISH U MANY MORE ANNIVERSARIES and wish your window always remains open

  3. Your white window connected even with me from the other world's corner....keep it opened for the benefits of both and our souls.

  4. So glad you opened the window and we get a glimpse into the world of a fantastic wordsmith - you!

  5. Wow! That aptly sums how much your blog means to you! 6 years... that's pretty cool! Keep blogging and keep exploring!
    Cheers :)

  6. Keep the doors of the windows open and let the atmosphere come in :P


  7. Wow 6 years - and glad you keep your window open so we can see the your world. Keep writing.

  8. Glad for you ! continue to keep the windows open !

  9. N here is opening the wondow remains open for many many more years....

  10. Wow!! Happy 6th and a very nice post indeed. The white window lives on...

  11. Happy 6th Year! :)

    And very nice post too.

  12. And what a view of your world. Well done!

  13. Nothing like poetry for a celebration, especially this April -- the national poetry month.
    Just lovely.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  14. >Through you , I want to explore the world and my soul
    Loved these lines.

    Congratulations on completing and happy 6 :)

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  17. I too wish you kept exist here for many more years... loved reading the poem on our windows :)

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  19. April 26:Awww! You should be around for a long long time!! 6 years and so many memories..make a post on all those best memories from your blog world..(maybe looking at the poem and reminding yourself about the time that you wrote!)-Just a suggestion :) Keep writing my girl! God bless you, your heart, mind and hand !!


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plz.. open d white window :)