Sunday, July 14, 2013

Haiku V

Diamonds on wire, shine 
To color me in seven
A cuckoo chuckles

Dear Readers, I would love to know your interpretations on the above Haiku I have written. Esp. about your thoughts on the mention of 'Cuckoo chuckles'. I t would be wonderful to know what image did the Haiku create in your mind.

Haiku and other Japanese form of poetry have always been my favorites and this way I get to keep myself associated with Japan, a place I don't know why I love so much.

My happiness knew no bound when in this week's prompt in Write Tribe, we decided to celebrate Haiku. Ruchira has written an amazing Guest Post there on Haiku which also serves the purpose of a great Haiku Tutorial. It's Haiku season in Write Tribe and needless to say it took me back to those golden days of blogging when we so much used to celebrate writing a Haiku. I remember it spread around at a lightning speed like viral fever. And after many years it's almost the same scenario again. Such is the charm of a humble Haiku. It's contagious, I tell you!

And now in Ruchira's word, 
We will use a “Kigo” as our prompt. And since it’s the rainy season (at least here in India!) what better prompt can there be! So write a Haiku, with some element of the Rains in it. Your “Kigo” can be anything, clouds, raindrops, frogs, paper boats …. Let your imagination soar!


  1. As I open your white window, to announce the awakening of my dormant blog!

    Yeyyy! As promised, I have penned more than a line or two! ;-)

    See yah in my blog my dear pretty sistah! LOve you made me kicking and alive today!

  2. Once again, you dont disappoint ! Superb Imagery.

  3. The cuckoo chuckles very often in this lovely rainy weather , Preetilata:)

  4. Rain as diamonds...(I guess)... too good! :)

  5. Your writing has always amazed me and this one did that too... I have always found haiku very beautiful, something that I could never attempt and this one was also like that.

    I loved your imagination of raindrops on wire...

  6. That's a beautiful depiction of the rain droplets on the wire. Cuckoos are called the rain birds, so guess, the rains make them happy and gay!

  7. You always come up with something different...Beautiful !


  8. The diamonds on the wire are the raindrops that glint after it has rained and hang there. The person depicted as 'Me' waits for the rainbow to bloom and wear the seven colours of the rainbow 2 set herself free. Cuckoo chuckles cos the Cuckoo knows he is free, limitless. .....and perhaps the Cuckoo has found a company in the free and fiesty 'me'.
    Cuckoo is a metaphor for hope..always thr aftr th rain hs wahsd th horizons.... n hope is ..what we seek!!

  9. I love the imagery you have created complete with the sound of the cuckoo. Awesome.


  10. okay, in my very limited knowledge of poetry, I am associating 'diamonds' to water droplets which give us the rainbow colours, and a cuckoo, which calls out during rainy weather (??)

  11. I actually saw an image of a chuckling cuckoo in my head! I guess that is what comes of having an Animator son :P
    The diamonds of course are my fav, raindrops!
    I am no expert on haiku, but I love the imagery here.

  12. The haiku came alive!
    The rainbow through the diamond rain drops? At the early morning hour?
    And of course, the intended pun on the last line?
    It gives way to innumerable interpretations, you know!

    Vivid, and beautiful, Preetilata!

  13. AN image of a chuckling cuckoo made me chuckle but it brought to my mind literally the panchatantra stories


  14. I loved this haiku and since I am a romantic, the Cuckoo is a lover according to me :)

  15. I like the thought that the cuckoo is a lover who chuckles at the way you go crazy watching/enjoying the rain...

  16. Many of them have related here what I think so about this Haiku. Of raindrops resting on the wire, reflecting seven colors and cuckoo to come perch splashing water.

    I too like Haiku for their short and sweet poem... like yours :)

  17. My first thought was "Bird on a Wire". Haiku is an interesting art form. Would like to try it sometime. :-)

  18. So pretty! I've been looking at a lot of wires with "diamonds" on them, especially with the sun's rays catching that curve of the drop and turning them into brilliantly colored gems. Let the cuckoo chuckle and sing a happy song!

    Haiku is addictive!

    Hugs, Preetilata!

  19. Delightful haiku! The images this brought are very very pleasing and pleasant. Droplets falling off a wire on a rainy day is a thing for the camera! And your cuckoo added music to it! Keep writing :)
    My haiku: Together Into Unknown Waters.

  20. Err u know in my haiku I ocnveniently missed this "Kigo"" bit... face palm moment!

  21. Raindrops , Rainbow and cuckoo-- wow a wonderfl imagery Preeti
    U rocked <3

  22. lovely lines and the concept of Kigo is gud! I have never tried Haiku, will try soon :)

  23. i see happiness. I see you looking out of your window on a rainy day and smiling. memories creating the rainbow hue, dreams reflecting the shine :)


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