Saturday, September 7, 2013

De Madrugada

It was not an ordinary day anymore. Within a flash of second something had just changed. Some kind of magic was there in the air that got hold of us to cast its spell on. I felt it; you too. You knew it; I too. Next, the only thing I remember seeing is the flashes of lights even in the darkness around. And I was lost, the moment your trembling lips touched mine.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the chirping  and cooing of birds, lingering frail scent of something 'morning' in the air, beads of  softest sunlight, and a surprising faint trail of vehicles passing us; suddenly in those mysterious minutes  we stole and sealed our moments of togetherness inside an auto that drove us through the bumpy roads of Saket to drop me home.

I wanted it; you too. And we did it.

In those two minutes I saw the moon, the stars and the sun together. I felt the power of the Cosmos within; from me it spreading its wings to you and then finally settling within us.

No kisses afterward could ever recreate the same magic. I still live it in my many memories and imaginations; and in the hearts of my heart the feeling it evokes is something that is beyond my ability to express in words. Words are still not fortunate enough to express these sweet nothings of life and everything that the heart feels and desires.

#Whlist1: That kiss. That very 1st kiss that we shared together. I want to live that for one more time. For real. And for real. I know that certain things can never be recreated and hence there lies the magic of it.


Madrugada(n) (Spanish):It means the time between midnight and dawn. It simply means early morning/dawn
De Madrugada: At dawn.
Lethologica: When you can't think of the word for something.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013.

My Theme: To write on seven words that

  • We/I don't hear generally 
  • Preferably Non-English words that are untranslatable in English 
  • Let's see, how can I include more varieties. 
  • And in the process to self-discover myself. 
 Let me know what do you think about my choice of theme for this Seven days of Writing Festival.

Word suggestions are highly welcomed. So com'on bring it on. :)

P.S: This write-up was originally written on 25th July'13. It was just a scribble entry on my phone and I wanted to rewrite it before I post but due to time constraint and lack of creativity I am posting it as it is by making just a minor change to suit it to the theme and title of my post

  • One of the lines was originally written as 'Amid the hustle and bustle of trails of vehicles passing us, that late evening we stole and...'
  • In the draft copy the title of the post was Stolen Moments of Togetherness.

Write Tribe


  1. What a tender and sweet story. You made de Madrugada really light up. I loved your theme Pree and enjoyed the words.

  2. This was quite the romantic story and I loved it. You caught the excitement of the kisses and the tenderness and passion of the embraces. This was brilliantly written making love a beautiful thing.


  3. How sweet and beautiful, Pree.
    Another exclusive word learnt, thanks :)

  4. Will you let Lethologica stand for an excuse for lack of an adequate comment? The moment you describe here reminds me of your 'saudade' post - a moment of experience that you know not whether you enjoy in retrospect or regret the not being able to reprise :)

  5. Aah... the first time. ;) So beautifully written. I know this feeling too well. What a lovely theme you chose for this challenge. Perfect. :)

  6. OOOOOOOO......What a sweet story .... you reminded me of my first kiss, innocent and happened 40 years ago....wah !!

  7. What a beautiful and touching story Preetilata. You create magic with words. Enjoyed reading this.

  8. Truly the magic of first can't be recreated!! I loved the way you described the heart fluttered with you!!
    Beautiful :)

  9. It is a beautiful write up. Everybody above me have already said what I wanted to, and it better ways. :)
    You weave words in an amazing way into a story. Thanks for teaching new words too. :)

  10. We stole and sealed out moments of togetherness.........beautiful lines. another masterpiece and new words. Learning is fun thru your innovative posts. Thumbs up Pree.

  11. Beautiful story about kiss and love in the moment. I learned new words today and I often face lethologica:)

  12. What a way with words Preetilata!. The words weaves magic not only on the senses but also on the hearts of readers too :)

  13. The pace of the story went perfectly well with the emotions you have expressed. It came out well :)


  14. wow... I had such a Deja Vu .. Evenb I have a distinct similar memory ...exactly same time same place ..I mean early morning in an auto ... Wow you have put it in such good words

  15. Beautiful is the word!
    Lethologica is going to stay with me forever now, coz that's what happens to me all the time :D

  16. Beautiful post, preetilata.
    Thank you for helping me make memories during this 7 day writing period.

  17. We stole and sealed out moments of togetherness. wonderful lines ! well written post :)

  18. 'Madrugada'...such a nice word with a great feel in the mouth when one says it!
    I have a 'Spanish for Dummies' sitting in my bookshelf for the past 4 years. Never been pried open by me. I think I should check it out!


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