Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wordy-Nerdy Pree

I am not able to write anything. My Muse is on leave and even after spending around two hours, I am unable to write. I have one Scintilla in mind which is not letting me to sleep but I guess it is still not the right time for it to take shape in words. But I promise to myself that I am going to do it soon. Unlike before I am not dumping my visions and ideas in the backyard of my heart anymore. Please wish me luck.

I am guilty of not writing my Day 4 post and more guilty of not being able to visit much blogs. My sincere apologies to you all and I promise that I will be visiting your blogs soon. After idling around for months, my life has suddenly become super fast and busy, and this had to happen in the mid of the Festival, sigh!

I am touched and overwhelmed beyond words by seeing the huge response and appreciation my Theme and the posts have received. Now all those sleepless nights I have spent writing them even amid neck-breaking work loads and health issues seems totally worthwhile. I thank each and every one from the bottom of my heart.

I am half asleep already, and my thoughts aren’t in synch with my body but as I don’t want to miss another day, I have decided to go easy on myelf by listing few things about me albeit in my wordy-nerdy style.

1. I am a Bibliophile (n) the lover of books. But off late I am guilty of 積ん読 i.e. Tsundoku (n.)(Japanese) the act of buying books and not reading them and/or letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands.

2. I often suffer from Drapetomania: an overwhelming urge to run away. This word has a sad history behind it. It's a term derived in the slave days and was used to describe the "disease" in which the symptoms were "a slave that was addicted to attempting escape or escaping slavery..."

In my case, my heart and mind are always in the need of a holiday. And where does is want to go? of course to misty magical magnanimous mountains.

3. Tucked inside my heart are many Swevens (n) a vision seen in sleep; dream. And strangely all my swevens are related to a book or two I might pen in future. Will I? Who knows. And many if my posts here the the blog are a result of the swevens.

4. I am no doubt a Logastellus (n) a person whose love of words is greater than the knowledge of words. But off late I am turning fast towards Legolepsy, A fascination or obsession with words. And I am going nuts over Eutony, the pleasantness of a word’s sound.

5. I have this Scintilla of a story from one such non-english word. But i am not yet able to give it a shape with my words. Soon soon, pretty soon. Scintilla means a tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing; a barely visible trace.

6. The most beautiful word that I learnt today is Aisling (n) a vision or a dream; an Irish poetic genre where Ireland appears to the poet in the form of a beautiful woman.

 7. No matter what I will always believe in Meliorism, the belief that the world gets better; the belief that humans can improve the world. Because we all have Orenda in us i.e. a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to affect change in their own lives. Yes I just have proved this to myself. Yay!!

Phew!! That’s it for today.

Questions of the day,

1. Is there any genre where a country/city/town appears to the poet/writer in the form of a handsome and intelligent man?

2. Share with me your one Velleitie (n) a wish or a powerful desire for something that nonetheless is not or cannot be followed by actions meant to pursue it.

I can see a lot of things related to Dreams and Visions here. A news to me it is. I guess I am on the right track!

P.S: Please pardon mistakes and typos in this post. 

 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013. 

 My Theme: To write on seven words that 

  • We/I don't hear generally Non-English words 
  •  Preferably words that are untranslatable in English 
  •  Let's see, how can I include more varieties. 
  •  And in the process to self-discover myself. 
 Let me know what do you think about my choice of theme for this Seven days of Writing Festival. 

 Word suggestions are highly welcomed. So com'on bring it on. :)

Write Tribe


  1. Take it easy, Pree! I know, it happens.
    Thanks for inclining us towards Legolepsy... fascination only though not obsessed as yet! I am a Bibliophile too but off late I am guilty of Tsundoku! :P

  2. I am a Logastellus too....

    Nice post, and thanks for intorducing so many words in this one.

    You take it easy now...don't sweat too much. We're around the corner :)

  3. Hi Preeti,it is amazing how naturally you use words which are new to many people. Thanks for sharing.

  4. can clearly make out from your posts that you are a Logastellus and your Legolepsy is fast spreading amongst us readers.

    You've came back with a lot of new words...made my morning!! :) thanks! I love how effortlessly you strung these unique new words and present them to us so beautifully!

    Now just take it easy...

  5. one more..i am surely gonna list down all these words :) Thanks sharing Pree :)

  6. Pree, from where do you get new words. I am amazed. and love to learn new words and i have a small diary where I jot down new words and they have already gone in my diary.

  7. This is my first visit here and I must confess, I'm regretting not being here before. I love to learn new words too and add to my vocabulary which was ruthlessly and mercilessly crushed under the grammar-less programs that I wrote in COBOL, dBase, PASCAL, C, C++, Java and Oracle during my 8 year stint for professional degrees in Computer Education. Thanks a ton for turning the switch on. :-)

  8. Preetilata - The challenge really got the best out of you - all your posts have repeat value like blockbusters. Keep on atleast for the sake of fans like me :-))

  9. It's okay, take it easy.
    Scintilla and orenda are the words that I am taking away today.

  10. I also believe that we all have Orenda. Enjoyed your post.

  11. I also suffer from drapetomania from time-to-time and absolutely love the words outlined in this beautiful and super creative post:)

  12. Shucks! So many words that I do not know.

    Btw, is Meliorism the root of the word ameliorate - seems likely?

  13. Nice post ya...I dont know so many not words person :(

  14. that's a witty write .. to include all those words :D My vocab is mighty pleasant today :)

  15. Well, your theme is lovely and the words you have chosen are absolutely new to me. And what's more, they are catchy too!

    Hope to see more such posts from you!

    Frankly, I have no answers to the questions you posed. Though, I am sensing that if someone ever wrote poetry describing Gurgaon (the place where I live) as a man, he quite won't be described as handsome or intelligent!

  16. That’s say hard work never dies! Your posts are worth reading esp. for the words. Indeed a interesting one here... learnt many words and liked how u related them.

    Writing is not easy and you are the one best I reading.

  17. For not having anything to say, you said a lot and did it eloquently and beautifully. Bravo. That little voice lives within us even on the days when our minds convince us we have nothing to say. We start writing and it springs forth!!


  18. Holy smoke! What a scintillating journey through the vocabs! I loved your post Preetilata. Learnt many new words:) Take it easy :)

  19. interesting read ! learnt many new words ! wish i could remember so may words

  20. Wow! You have introduced a bonanza of words that I had never known. Hope you won the contest!


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