Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How a li'l closure goes a long way!

Okay, why don’t you just scroll through your contact list and see if there’s any contact number that’s completely useless and yet is gracing your list? Is there any? So, what do you now decide to do with it and why? Delete? No? Why? Is it only because you think that you might need it sometime in future? Okay, I believe there must be other reasons too. Isn't it? I want to know the reasons? Mind telling me? Please? 

Though I keep pruning my contact lists from time to time, there are certain numbers that I have never thought of deleting even when I thoroughly know that I am not going to talk to that person ever again. It’s tough to bring myself to delete any of them. Because you just never know. 

Is it because deleting a contact number symbolizes the very act of ‘moving on’? Does that mean the particular person affects our life no more and that their existence has got nothing to do with our life anymore? Perhaps. And is it also because we are afraid to accept the truth? Perhaps again. Or is it just to run away from the reality as we say ignorance is the bliss. Or else ‘Out of sight hence out of mind’ kind of state? Is it our attempt to wipe that person out and gradually erase the associated memories forever? 

Circumstances changed. You changed. I changed. And everything between us changed. There were no more promises left and all the dreams have died too. What did not change was my inability to accept the change. I kept myself tied to the memories and dragged them with me. I could not get the closure on you because everything in my view ended suddenly and abruptly. For me it was still unfinished. To be very honest I was tired of myself and of this continues act of lingering on the memories. Note, it was not that the memories were lingering on me but the opposite. 

30th Jan, the day you left Delhi just like that, I realized, it’s too much now. It was heady concoction of mixed feelings which had strong elements of anger, sorrows, and disappointments along with few drops of hatred as well. How could you just leave, leaving everything behind? Then with uncontrollable tears in my eyes and out of control heartbeats, I just deleted you from my lists be it FB, Phone Address book, or Watsapp. I deleted every single message of yours in no time. I did all this in such a lightning speed that there was no time left for my heart ponder over and my mind to think on. Else I might not have been able to do this ever. 

How bizarre our lives have become that it has got confined within the walls of our phones. Sigh! 

Call me a Moron or whatever you like but somehow this Moving On would not have been possible had I not deleted you out of my lists. 

But, isn't it true too what Robin Scherbatsky says, what about that? 

"You can't delete contacts from your brain, Lily."

~Inspired from,
How I Met Your Mother
Season 6
Title:  Unfinished
Original Airdate: October 4, 2010

There are many instances where i could relate my life to TV Serials, movies, songs, and books. This post has been written in my mind the day I watched the re-run of this episode. To read my other posts where again I have found the inspiration in TV serials click here.