Friday, April 12, 2013

Kamala's Kalimba

Out of nowhere some people enter into your life and make you realize how beautiful Life is! 

I wanted to pour my heart out but then whenever I think of you, my soul gets submerged in the magic of your soulful voice. Some emotions are so strong that words fail to express them. They are only meant to be felt and that’s what I do whenever I listen to your songs. 

Even in my thoughts, you make me feel happy, girl! 

You are missed and thus come back soon. 

Right now I am listening your Feel Fine. And your voice stirs my soul every single time.

(Click here to listen to Daniela Singhal a.k.a Kamala's divine voice through the songs she writes and sings.)

And as I am not suppose to upload your pictures, here I am consoling myself by uploading the picture of your Kalimba. You are a Magician Kamala and this Kalimba is your Magic-wand.

Do I need to write that I love you my Dannu Darling? 

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