Monday, April 15, 2013


The recent IndiBlogger Meet turned out to be very close to my heart because it brought us so very close to each other. Earlier other than Akanksha, I used to share just a formal yet cordial relationship with Garima, Priyanka and Naina. But now my world has turned upside down all thanks to these awesome women in my life. Errr...Mind you! Pri is still a kid and is privileged to be a part of this Awesome Women Gang that too so soon in her life :P

This picture sums it all up so very beautifully.

This is something very gorgeous. So much so that FB decided to stay away from it, lest it burns. PD Muahhh

The Sesky and The Sexy
Vrat ka khana enjoy karti hui kudiya. But angoor khatte hai :-P

Chalo kuch toh accha mila. Mushroom hi sahi. :-P

Look at the pyaar. Ishq wala love hai ye toh. :-P Or as Pri put it Triveni of Seduction. :P

In the Loo... infront of the Jharna which Naina was so curious to show us.

The Sunshine Girls

Vineet-The lucky Man!
Lady Lucks strikes Vineet again

And now here comes my Desi Martini.

And I can't thank IndiBlogger and Cloud365 enough for bringing the best of us together. :)