Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obscure Love

Once upon a time, I saw you Kid. While I used to wait there for my bus, you dressed up prim and proper in your crisp school uniform went to school daily sitting in a rickshaw. There was this road beside the bus-stand from where the Rickshaw Puller used to take you ahead. I didn’t know where exactly the school was. All I knew was you. With your impish eyes you never really noticed me while on the other hand you have already stolen my heart away.

See! I even remember the details on your school bag. Red and blue in color. And lines of bright silver zips adorning it. Ah! You see Kid, I have not forgotten at all about the picture of your favorite Spiderman on it.

I am still in love with you even though many a year has passed in between the two of us. My heart still skips many a heart-beat thinking about you. The image of your impish eyes is stuck forever on my heart.

You must be a big boy by now. And must be very handsome too. Are not you my Kid? And I wonder would you ever like it to be called a Kid that too by an unknown lady who herself is in her late twenties! Ok what about me calling you a Big Kid then? See, I tell you; ‘Big Kid’ and just a ‘Kid’ are different. :D

And tell me one more thing my Big Kid! Will you please? Do they still send you to school tying you to the back of that rickshaw seat with that colorful bandhni dupatta?

I wish I could have told you how the impishness in your eyes has stolen my heart away!

~Dedicated to that 4/5 years old Autistic kid who I used to see on many days while waiting for my bus at Moolchand Bus-stand.