Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rag Doll is all I am

Ripped apart I am, again and again
Rag doll I become, for you to play
Robbed of my soul and my innocence
Ravaged I am, by you forever

Ravenous you are O! You Men!
Ripples of pleasure for you get
Raked by you from inside out
Repressed of life and everything I deserved

Rapist you are, still supported
Recluse I become for rest of my life
Ruptured, rummaged, and ransacked
Rumpled paper is what I become

Reduced I am to scavenged flesh
Rebuked forever by one and all
Rivers of emotions, not a tear to drop
Reprimanded I am for being born a girl

Ruthless behavior inflicted upon
Ruined, I repay for deeds of your
Rusted-I am considered so
Rutted road my future becomes

Rejoice, O! You Men! by changing dolls
Ruffians and rouges, you live long! For this
Rotten society will never reform
Rest in Peace’ is where I belong.


~My heart goes out to the brutally raped five your old girl. I don't know how to extend by help to her. I cried uncontrollably while penning this poem. It's 3:00 A.M now and I am unable to sleep. I just do not know what else to say. She became my muse tonight but I hate this to the core of my heart. I can only wish for a day when no such poem will be written. No human being deserves this. O! you Men! Please become a Human now else it will be too late...too late.

~Laxmi, You are the inspiration. Thanks for all your love, blessings, and wishes. But I am sorry as I could not gift you a happy poem. I feel terribly disturbed, miserable, and weak.

Signing off with a feeble hope that the girl will recover and would be able to lead a normal life again. But I am not sure how will she will be healed of her emotional and mental pain. I wonder will this society ever change? No matter how hard I try to think otherwise, the only answer I repeatedly get is a 'No'.

I better try to sleep now.