Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Photo a Day 2: A Moment

She gave birth to her child in quietude. When pain decided to not leave her side, her solitude and her strength stood by her like pillars. She was never alone. Because when it comes to her Child, She-the Mother knows it all.

Here is a photo of a moment that I encountered on one mundane day. A moment that can surpass any other moment. Needless to say it was not a mundane day anymore.

But it pains to see that even during such a critical situation, her owners did not bother to take care of her. I do not know how did she enter that lonesome residential park to give birth to her child, all I know there was none near her other than few passerby just like me who halted there to experience this miracle called Childbirth.

I remember my nani used to take care of her cows and other pets like her own child. The pregnant animals in villages are still given every bit of extra care and attention that they deserve. I have seen people giving food and shelter to stray bitches and cats especially when they are in their pre and post delivery stages.But why the city people are wiping off the elements of compassion and humanity from their hearts?