Sunday, July 7, 2013

Knots of Musical Notes

सुनो! तुम कहा करते थे
इन उंगलियों और सिलवटों के
बीच की दूरियों में
गुनगुने कई अहसास
बसा करते हैं.

तरंग की लहरें यूँ ही नहीं
उठती, थमती और गिरती है
नज़दीकियों के पागलपन को 
इसी का सहारा जो हैं 

बौराई सी तेरी याद में 
जब सागर लहरे बावरे कुछ 
अफ़साने ढूंड लेती है 
बारिश की बूँदों का शोर 
कहा रास आता है 

तुम कहते हो 
शोर भी संगीत है 
और कभी खामोशी मे भी कविता. 
पर जब यादों के आँगन मे बस जाते हो 
एक एक करके मेरी सारी रुसवाइयों 
में भी नया कोई गीत ढूंड लेते हो 

आज ज़िद है अपने आप से कि 
तुम्हारी एक ना सुनूँगी 
इन दूरियों को तुम्हारे अनकहे 
गीतो के धुनो मे ना पिरौंगी 
तुम भले ही हर संगीत में मुझे पा लो 
तेरे आने तक मैं कोई अब नया 
धुन न बुनूँगी. 

This is a story of a girl who is waiting for her beloved to come back. They have decided and promised that he would write songs about the faces, places, and the traces he encounters and she would give music to his words and vice-versa. Hence even amid this temporary separation, this way they would find each other in their very own magical realms. Which can be referred as their Home. 

But a woman's mood has a brain of its own and thus there are times when she proudly adorns her crown of a  Drama Queen. So this lady in question, in order to want her beloved to come back soon, innocently (?) declares that she would not write any new song nor would she create new tunes till he comes back.

Only to do that yet again. And again.

For music and the words bind them Together- Mighty and Strong. 

She can be termed as a true Indiblogeshwari with all the नाज़ and नखरा embedded in her in all their glories.


This post is written for Indiblogeswari's #ThatTuesdayThingy contest 1- an attempt to stop by and challenge ourselves to go that extra mile to tell our tales! 

In this week's prompt I have to write about how Rahul Sharma's 'Time Traveller' has spoken to my soul. I hope I am able to connect to it in my own unique way. Wish me Good luck.