Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cherapunji: A 55 Fiction

"Once you land here, you can feel that everything smells of rain. I come here only to get drenched in this pure rain. A new Me is born whenever…"

"Shhhh…Let the clouds of pain that are hovering in your eyes take the shape of rain today.
Let you say, a true me is born today."


P.S: I am again hit by the writer's as well as reader's block and hence I am M.I.A. Dug this very old write-up ( may be about 4 yrs old ) out of my draft folder and decided to finally post it because I can't give it a miss when it is a prompt by Vidya on Write Tribe.

Vidya has written an amazing 55 Fiction Tutorial there on Write Tribe. And do not you dare to miss it.