Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let your heart do some talking...

Mansi and I share a bond that got built over the bridges of words. She is one rare writer whom I adore to the core of my heart. What makes her so special to me is the way i feel connected to her via her words. Every time i read her i am in awe of her and what's more mysterious is the truth that i feel as if she is speaking my heart albeit in a much better and beautiful way. She is my darling and it's a pity that like my other good friend Mithe, she too seldom writes. Oh! dear girls, tell me what do I do to make you girls write?

Mansi blogs here at 'Let your heart do some talking...' Please visit and read her blog and I am sure you would be happily lost in her beautiful world of myriad thoughts. 

And now, here comes my dearest Mansi to grace my White Window! Thank you dearest. :) 

From Mansi's pen,

So here's my version ...Dont know you will like it or not....

The White Window reminds me of all those things that come to my mind when I think of a love-struck 'Heart'-emotions- feelings of love, compassion, longings, creative imagination, of fantasies, in a vividly captured world of some of the best moments of introspection one could have. As I am a fan of emotions too, of those random feelings which sway away, hiding from me, leaving me as fast as they could, but end up becoming part of my scribbles, I like how the White Window opens itself every time to a self confessed tale of a believer, who holds strong to trust, love and the smallest tid-bits which make life beautiful. Haven't been able to catch up lately, I wish Preety a lot of success and love in everything she touches. 

Now, as I have the honor of writing a guest post ( I seriously don't have a clue how did I get here), I would love to write randomly as always. About anything that will cross my mind by the time I finish this sentence. So, it would be some lines about a girl looking at the moon, peeking through her White Window. 

No luck with the book, I heave a sigh and get up the chair, 
A gaze at the clock, I put on my sleep robe, comb my hair. 
Switch off the lights, it’s time to think off the day today, 
A quick gaze at the moon tonight, and my thoughts vanish away. 
It’s still not dark with those lights off, 
while the moonlit sky over through my window shows off. 
A staircase unfolds over my window, probably it's time, 
The moon smiles while I blush like the Cinderella of a nursery rhyme. 
It’s a whole new world, all bright and blue, 
A dew drop on my window moves, and I take the clue. 
As I climb, I feel so different, so new, 
Love is what I feel inside, 
as I take the dream flight. 
The moon blinks and so do I, 
Still staring out, I blink and smile, waving goodbye. 
And I now know, what I was missing all day long, 
A smile and for the while, my dreams tucked all along.
And thus, I slip between the sheets, 
It's time to get the beauty sleep...