Saturday, October 26, 2013

A sinner I am

25 October 2013

I had this feeling that i am going to die today. In my imagination i saw death today. There, in those dingy by-lanes of that world, it looked straight in my eyes. I can't say if i was afraid or not. May be i was. May be i was not. But the only thing that crossed my mind was the thought of these two people.

1. Him
2. Maa

There was this crazy sensation that ran through my veins. I found solace by looking at my watch. It saved me from the harsh clutches of this imaginary death.

(I did not write about the third thing that ran down me. It was about what will happen to my blog. )


By the time the day ended, I have sinned. I pray for strength, peace, and  li'l bit of forgiveness. Hope i will be granted at least a small packet of each.