Friday, April 4, 2014

Dior J 'adore

Like morning raaga, it fills the heart
That kiss of sun, sparkling on the shoulder 
Like the golden mischief that glints in your eyes 
Like a gypsies magic, it spells all around 
A little bit of honey and a lot of dew 
A waif of air that carries folklore 
The rustic elegance and the high heels of sophistication 
Mysterious allure, and a mystic appeal. 
Hidden beneath a layer of mist. 
Spring is there in every step
When it simmers on my skin like a fresh sunbeam.


A to Z Challenge 2013: Dreamcatcher

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Bedazzled, besotted
are the alleys of my heart
Ah! The gift of love


P.S: Not at all happy with the post. But I think I should be happy for the simple fact that at least I wrote something. All thanks to my Write Tribe.

A to Z Challenge 2013: Broken Yet Intact 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Invocation to my Muse

My muse is a pesky soul; an embodiment of disobedience. I give in to her whims and fancies and let her tame me. But during this A to Z 2014 Challenge, I seek the power to tame the mighty her so that she dances on the tip of my nib and lets me write in abundance, in joy, an in glory divine.


A to Z Challenge 2013: April and the Autumn Leaves