In My Nascent Greens Of Life!!!

I am the rain , that drizzles merrily, 
To my heart , pure ,beautiful and free, 
To My oodles of dreams that dance in glee, 
In the clear blue sky of my soul , in Me. 

I am: A poem unwritten. 

I think: Too much at times and at times nothing. 

I know: Life is beautiful. 

I have: A heart which is capable of loving. 

I wish: To have a tiger as my pet. 

I hate: To hate. 

I miss: My childhood and my school days. 

I fear: Losing my loved ones. 

I feel: I am lucky *Touchwood* 

I hear: Giggling of happiness. 

I smell: My mystic morning's dew. 

I crave: A lifelong joyride in 7 colors of happiness. 

I search: My inner self. 

I wonder: How faith can work wonders. 

I regret: A lot. 

I love: My white window. 

I ache: To come out of my laziness. 

I am not: A pretty girl only! 

I believe: In miracles. 

I dance: As if I am the raindrop. 

I sing: With the nightingales in my garden. 

I cry: Like a child. 

I don't always: Behave like a girl next door. 

I fight: With my dodo. 

I write: My heart out. 

I win: Undiluted love. 

I lose: My worldly-self when I touch beauty. 

I never: Give up. 

I always: Dream. 

I confuse: am I dreaming or is it for real? 

I listen: To my nascent heartbeats. 

I can usually be found: In my own world. 

I am scared: Of simply nothing. 

I am happy about: Being myself. 

I imagine: A beautiful life with "him" somewhere over my 8 colored rainbow. 


  1. Awesome blog Preeti! I like it :)

  2. A real rhythmic and poetical blog no doubt..

  3. You were an unwritten poem...now you wrotte it, and yes this is you : as Wonderful as a poem !

  4. Just beautiful....you are little star yet to shine in front of world`s eye :) all the best girl


plz.. open d white window :)